What do you guys think Yamato's mythical devil fruit is?

  • Kirin/Qilin

    Votes: 81 32.3%
  • The Amaterasu Wolf from Ōkami

    Votes: 110 43.8%
  • Lion King

    Votes: 10 4.0%
  • Something else

    Votes: 32 12.7%
  • Dragopuppy is a slow mod

    Votes: 4 1.6%
  • TACy is even worse

    Votes: 14 5.6%

  • Total voters
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Sanji not really simp given it help them out understanding characters as Zoro was being jerk not understanding Nami was forced and he defended something was off and he was correct. Lol, Sanji is over Yamato as you guys going same insecurity like Jimbei stating he was above, but reality he was struggling T6H in his main fight. Facing Kaido doesn't make you on another tier especially we see what happened to Scabbards who got easily one-shot and Killer who fought Kaido in teams is facing Hawkins on his struggle fight. It's petty you guys going on that and hypocrisy cause you guys don't like seeing Zoro bandaged and doing nothing unlike those who fighting here.
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He on Youtube. Though I merely replying to your side 20+ alerts to me given they can't stop talking even when I not active :kayneshrug:.

Though Shisui, I am confused. I thought you don't come on till pictures come out? Going back on what you stated?
It doesn't matter if it helped them out. He was simping like usual does. Jinbei not stated he was above Sanji and Jinbei isn't Yamato. This isn't the sccabards situation because Kaido is fighting in hybrid. You doing false equivalent nonesense. Killer never fought Kaodo by himself and had to sneak him. Yamato been fighting Kaido in his strongest form for like 3 chapters now and just went hybrid.
it will happen it is really obvious that she will join . and she will be just on the same level as Zoro and Sanji.
Luffy needs someone as strong as her in his crew and he will have to face bigger enemies.
Luffy will always be the best, no doubt

The setting of Zoro and Sanji's right-hand man is still unchanged, but if Yamato joins at the current level, it will undoubtedly change it
The future Pirate King crew need strong people. Having a strong woman, possibly on par / below Monster Trio isn’t a bad thing. If Monster Trio fans afraid with a strong woman joining the crew and breaking Monster Trio bond, the question is; is Monster Trio bond is strong enough to begin with?

This is the crew of future Pirate King, not a crew of men with damsel in distresses tagging along. Nami with no haki, Robin nerfed with no haki nor awakening is quite obnoxious at this point. SHs need more firepower
This is not about favorites or MCs... Zoro has been created for one purpose only - to be the strongest. Rooftop performance backs it up.

Dont see what would insult me in there... As mentioned, people still dont realize that Oda wants Zoro to be the strongest character ever.

How did having more raw strength than Sanji become Chopper stronger than Sanji? Quote me where I said that Chopper is stronger than Sanji. Having more raw strength than Sanji =/= stronger than Sanji. And make no mistake, Chopper does have more raw strength than Sanji, way more.
Chopper doesn't have shit and got low diff and saved by Sanji. You was claiming Chopper was going to do something far above Sanji in beating a 2nd commander. What else would you be saying.


Kitetsu Wanker
Chopper doesn't have shit and got low diff and saved by Sanji. You was claiming Chopper was going to do something far above Sanji in beating a 2nd commander. What else would you be saying.
You should quote me what I was saying instead of inventing headcanon...
Again, MP Chopper's raw strength is far above Sanji and most other characters.
What's so hard to understand about it?
I don't get it. Yamato fights/stalls nerfed Kaido briefly. And people say Yamato>Zoro?

But when Zoro was bitching Kaido and Big Mom simultaneously, while saving the useless quartet, people said Zoro has to fight King to prove he is "Yc1"(FMI Zoro is above YC1)?:whitepress::whitepress::whitepress:

Broken Bones Zoro dog walks on Yamato and YC's
You know it is always the usual people. Just leave it to Oda to just slap them around.

For Yamato and Zoro they should be very close is strength.
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