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It is possible that she stays with Momo to protect and guard Wano as it opens its borders. Because once Kaido is defeated that doesn't mean the country will have it easy.
I think Wano will be Luffy's territory just like fishman island. And since after Wano Luffy is going to be seen as a Great Pirate, Everyone will think twice before invading Wano, including the WG.
Another good chapter.

So the okami Yamato theories were kinda on the right tracks after all then? Same legend, anyhow. Yin-yang ice fire with Kaido was cool enough (no pun). Still interested to see why exactly it’s a fruit that Kaido wanted though, and who he wanted it for, more importantly. Still a lot to come for the reasons why Kaido is on Wano at all.

Robin vs Black Maria, thankfully, a good fight. Ulti and Page One have been exceptions, not the rule, fighting wise. Good use of Robin and Brooks’ powers. I’m enjoying this fight being one with real meaning behind it, with Robin moving on from Ennies Lobby and in turn showing that not only is she not a liability, she’ll stand up for the rest of the crew the way they did for her. Poor old Brook not getting a one vs one, but I suppose if he solos a bunch of enemies it’ll still be decent enough. Next chapter should finish off this subplot with Giga Robin beating Black Maria.

Not much to say about the Luffy bit. Caribou returns. A character who I’m only interested in because he will one day snitch to someone about Shirahoshi.

It’s still a stop-start break situation, yeah? Is Obon next week or the week after?
With Brook will most likely be at 80% healthy, Jinbei at 50-60%, Franky at 70%(but no Shogun), i think this increase the chance of them fighting the BMP or the CP0.
jimbei is at 4th floow . Just he need to jump roof . that would be easier than to go BM :)
F6 seems down. with this asuumption , yes , jimbei will go BM . Because roof tickets are reserved for 4 people :)
I skipped over the filler Yamato vs Kaido fight. Complete waste of time reading any of that. You would expect after three years and over 110+ chapters, that Kaido would have been given a backstory but nope here we are reading filler chapters on a weekly basis.
I liked this chapter. I especially enjoyed Robin and Brook's interactions throughout it. I liked the focus on Robin's abilities regarding her Devil Fruit and her ability to read and translate the poneglyphs.

Before I discuss Robin, I was actually not that annoyed with Yamato. It finally felt like Yamato and Kaido's fight was actually more fluid to me. I know her fruit is supposed to represent the dog from the story of Momotaro. It is possible that she stays with Momo to protect and guard Wano as it opens its borders. Because once Kaido is defeated that doesn't mean the country will have it easy. Momo is still young and will need help leading an entire country. On the other hand, it is Yamato's dream to leave Wano and explore the world. So I understand the arguments for her joining the crew as well.

Robin and Brook talking about missing old nakama and working together was great. Robin has such a great devil fruit that I wish we could see her fight more. I am also happy that she doesn't have to fight by herself. She has all of the SHs to depend on and she in turn can protect them. Both Robin and Sanji experienced scenarios where they thought it was better to handle things on their own. It is just great to see them rely on others. The SHs show great strength when they rely on one another.

Luffy is ready to take on Kaido again! He says he is ready, but he doesn't look that great physically. Anyways how close is Marco and King in regards to Luffy and Momo? I just can't figure out where anyone is. I really want Kinemon and Kiku to actually be dead, but they are probably alive since this is Oda. I want to see Momo face his fear of heights and help get Luffy back to Kaido. Even though Momo represents Momotaro, I can't see him actually fighting Kaido. I understand that Luffy represents the monkey, but I think combat wise he also represents Momotaro. (Am I even making sense?)

Next chapter I am definitely eager to see the conclusion of Robin vs Black Maria. I imagine Oda will focus on Sanji vs Queen after Robin vs Black Maria concludes. Then Sanji will fight King! (I know that possibility is slim. But I said I would support this fight and take my L. The arc hasn't ended yet! So I can continue grasping at straws!)
Momo has his sister and the surviving scabbards to help him, if anything the fact that Kaido wants her to stay as Wano's guardian reinforces the idea that she wont
actually , ı dont read and examined panel by panel who is stronger or something.
When ı read this scene first time , just remind me ennies lobies Robin yelling.
And ı was happy for seeing something special between sanji and robin.
Oda did not make mistake. he just love writing story base thing.
But people living this forum obsesses power scaling. because of that they are never happy .d
Wasn't it confirmed by Oda that drawing and writing fights isn't his forte? Yet all the fandom wants to talk about is power scaling. Robin mentioning Sanji relying on others is a good thing because it is a call back to how she needed the crew during Enies Lobby. Oda's strengths are world building and expanding upon the lore. I always enjoy how he writes the SH crew interactions. But fights and how he paces them isn't his best strength. I say this as someone whose favorite character is Zoro.
Best Tobi Roppo fight so far. Pacing was great in comparison to the the other ones & there was some quality dialogue as well. I also really like the Yokai theme of Black Maria’s group ^^

Initially I didn’t like that it seemed like Brook was gonna draw the short end of the stick in this fight but him soloing all of Maria’s lackeys which looks like a pandemonium of monsters is pretty dope. Robin was also lovely this chapter. We got to see her composed side, her badass side & sweet side as well ^^. Plus that form at the end was pretty dope~! Also really liked how Oda gave a bit more context with regards to just what it means to Robin for Sanji to have called out to her for help even in such a dangerous situation with Maria’s shit talking. I Also loved the interactions btw Robin & Brook and Brook leaving Maria to Robin right after she talked shit about the SHs being weak ^^. Thought that was a pretty nice touch:p

The Yamato fight is also pretty interesting & Yamato is proving to be pretty damn strong. Brushing off a CoC clad attack from Kaido & matching his boro’s breath ^^. It’s also pretty interesting and unique that she can use Ice ^^. Wonder what special quirk her DF gives her though🤔. Hope we get to see it ^^. The guardian of Wano ting is also pretty interesting & with this revelation, I honestly think Yamato is gonna end up staying on Wano & being it’s protector tho it won’t be for Kaido’s sake but hers but we’ll see ^^

Lastly, the bit on Sanji being one of the wings of the Pirate King was dope as all hell and I’m really excited to see what Sanji does going forward in this arc ^^. Also thought it was interesting that Maria commented on Sanji being a laughingstock of Onigashima in the same chapter that Robin referred to him as one of the wings of the Pirate King coz imo it is a strong indication that some filthy feats are in store for Sanji this arc~! Onigashima is finna be shook~!
Here is why I am 100% against the supporters of that scene!

Regardless of the faith Sanji has in his nakama after the WCI arc where he is supposed to rely on them…
Regardless of Enies Lobby arc where after it, no one tried to ask Robin for help
Regardless of those implied themes behind the panel…

Black Maria.. by orders from Kaido and Big Mom… they wanna capture Robin to find poneglyphs and Ancient weapon and One Piece…
The fact that this goal was stated to Sanji in his face… EVEN if Sanji has faith in Robin… putting her at risk for such path is such a bad choice by Oda…
Oda is pretty much smacking us over the head that Robin is going to be captured by CP0. This forum is going to experience even more unprecedented levels of toxicity as the inevitable it's 'Sanji's fault that Robin was captured!' threads are created.
Who said? :risicheck:
Reading ability.
Let me rephrase it for you. Zoro is the RHM. Now does that mean that he stands on the right side of Luffy or he uses only right hand to do everything? it has nothing to do with strength right?

Right hand usually means you're next strongest guy; second strongest who others can depend on when times are tough.

:wellwell:What is Robin refering to, when she describes Sanji as a wing? Is Sanji a great support for the crew and pk? Of course! He plays his best role not at the front line. Sanji knows this well, he had to remind Ussop theyre all needed and have a role to play.

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The cover page......

I mean I get that Denjiro is called "Napping Kyoshiro" but did anybody ask for that?

"Mythical Dog Dog fruit, Model: Makami"

Kaido: It was a mistake to let a Oden wannabe like you to eat it!


Yamato's Ice Breath vs Kaido's Fire Breath? Yin and Yang symbol as well?

For anybody that say Kaido is not going serious against Yamato......

Black Maria can do illusions.......

She got a Smile weapon that can hit and set things on fire, webs, knuckle brass melee, and now she got illusion magic?:crazwhat:And she haven't even use her Zoan devil fruit power and hybrid form yet.:jay-he: She might be the most versatile character in the series yet.:hope:

But I'm wondering why she put bandages on her boobs even though she's not really injured? Well, I think I know why. Shame.....

Black Maria saying Sanji sell Robin out...... Bruh what?

"Laughing stock"

"Black Leg has the second highest bounty in the crew"

So she doesn't know that Jinbei join the crew?


Brook praises Sanji and let Robin to have her own 1v1 fight.:akaman: I couldn't be more of a happier man considering her last 1v1 fight was back in Skypiea.

Robin to Black Maria: "You don't understand Sanji at all, he's one of the wings of the Pirate King!!"

Lmao, Oda to Sanji haters this chapter be like

Robin was like: Sanji praised me so I will praised him back.

Robin, you go girl!

By the way, am I the only one that sees Robin's nips?

The Sanji haters must have shut up by now. Next up will be Sanji unlocking Conqueror's Haki and they might knock into Oda's house for real.

Luffy doing his own things as usual.

Caribou is back!!!!!!

Caribou bros, we're eating good.


I know crying is his thing but ya gotta relax.....
And thank you Luffy for making him shut up.

And Momo will drive Luffy up to Onigashima....

Momo the Taxi.:datas:

Overall, pretty decent chapter.

"Zoro and Sanji are Luffy's two most precious wings."

As a Zoro and Sanji fan myself, I'm glad to see this.:hurry:

And color pages in case anybody didn't post them......
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