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As usual, the Goat is here to spread the gospel of chapter analysis and review.

The cover page......

I mean I get that Denjiro is called "Napping Kyoshiro" but did anybody ask for that?

"Mythical Dog Dog fruit, Model: Makami"

Kaido: It was a mistake to let a Oden wannabe like you to eat it!


Yamato's Ice Breath vs Kaido's Fire Breath? Yin and Yang symbol as well?

For anybody that say Kaido is not going serious against Yamato......

Black Maria can do illusions.......

She got a Smile weapon that can hit and set things on fire, webs, knuckle brass melee, and now she got illusion magic?:crazwhat:And she haven't even use her Zoan devil fruit power and hybrid form yet.:jay-he: She might be the most versatile character in the series yet.:hope:

But I'm wondering why she put bandages on her boobs even though she's not really injured? Well, I think I know why. Shame.....

Black Maria saying Sanji sell Robin out...... Bruh what?

"Laughing stock"

"Black Leg has the second highest bounty in the crew"

So she doesn't know that Jinbei join the crew?


Brook praises Sanji and let Robin to have her own 1v1 fight.:akaman: I couldn't be more of a happier man considering her last 1v1 fight was back in Skypiea.

Robin to Black Maria: "You don't understand Sanji at all, he's one of the wings of the Pirate King!!"

Lmao, Oda to Sanji haters this chapter be like

Robin was like: Sanji praised me so I will praised him back.

Robin, you go girl!

By the way, am I the only one that sees Robin's nips?

The Sanji haters must have shut up by now. Next up will be Sanji unlocking Conqueror's Haki and they might knock into Oda's house for real.

Luffy doing his own things as usual.

Caribou is back!!!!!!

Caribou bros, we're eating good.


I know crying is his thing but ya gotta relax.....
And thank you Luffy for making him shut up.

And Momo will drive Luffy up to Onigashima....

Momo the Taxi.:datas:

Overall, pretty decent chapter.

"Zoro and Sanji are Luffy's two most precious wings."

As a Zoro and Sanji fan myself, I'm glad to see this.:hurry:

And color pages in case anybody didn't post them......

:milaugh::milaugh: Idk if people talk about it much, but Kaido is a comedian. The orge human thing that can beat almost everyone, like to roast his prey; a delight
Yip one of. Not the only set of wings which sanji fans were promoting which made zero sense

Even the translation calling sanji the second strongest strawhat was false since this chapter referenced the second highest bounty in the crew. Which by the way is still wrong since jinbe has the second highest bounty of the Straw Hats lol
It's actually better if Sanji is one of the wings. Wings have to be equal and they come in pairs. Long story short he is equal to the other wing whomever that is
Kaido just dodge Yamato. And kaido looking very good. Rven zoros scar stop bleeding.. He try to convince something Yamato. It seem father sister faxing more than serious fight.

Brook made his DF awake .
Robin made her DF awake. But with coa , would be very fantastic.

Oda clarify sanji zoro luffy trio.

Yamatos joining crew is kinda prevented . Classic Oda twist. Firstly, he hyped everybody about joining crew. And he made fatality.

Caribou seem feed Luffy. Very necessary plotting like Tama. What is the purpose ?

Robin looks very very fantastic.
Right now Yamato is looking to be more stronger than Sanji for sure. If we have a ranking for those who are in the YC1/Low Admiral tier then we're looking at; Luffy>Shiryu>Benn Beckman>Issho>Green Bull>Zoro>Marco>Sabo>Boa Hancok>Bartholomew Kuma>Magellan>king>Katakuri>Yamato>Law/Kidd>Doflamingo>Sanji, after this is the commander level which has Lucky Roo and Yassop at the top of that level.
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And power levels wise I can see him ranking #4 by the end of the arc.
Since Yamato is not joining then he'll be number 3 in the crew behind Luffy and Zoro. If she joins then maybe he'll be number 4 but he'll be back to M3 in no time by the next arc


Oda methodically sinking the Yamatrash for nakama ship bit by bit. No way the guardian deity of Wano (who’s an inferior version of the dragon btw) with no additional skills or talents to speak of is going to join the crew. Thank the fucking lord, she can stay and be cancerous to the Scabbards instead.
Why do you hate Yamato this much? It's pretty normal to dislike some characters but your hate for Yamato seems so over the top to me.
I'd like to understand your view point.
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