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The Rogue Prince
It’s so sad to see how Sanji fans are content with this bullshit,Oda will feed them these stale hearsay moments and they’ll be all over gloating for him,When infact when it matters Sanji will be cucked abused/Humiliated beyond measure against someone strong
lmao true. the black maria thing this arc was unnecessary imo. we already got that in enies lobby and oda didnt have to write that gag again especially when we have so much going on in this arc.
@imacub say it with me "He is one of the wings that will allow the pirate king to soar"
Sanji is one of the wings that will allow the pirate king to soar

done, i can accept manga facts and translations without bothering my headcanons and without feeling the need to play dumb and deaf lmao, i dont need to be spoonfed three times daily to comprehend simple things

For me that's a 5 stars chapter.
I enjoyed the small part of Kaido vs Yamato, and I loved Robin and Brook's characters in this chapter and also their moves alongside Black Maria's ones, the dynamic overall was great.
And what to say more? Sanji's hype baby. :cheers:

As some of us guessed Momotaro's tale is becoming true, but I have to say that the first one who talked about It and convinced me It would have become true was @T.D.A
Sanji's fans happiness get debunked once again. Robin said Sanji is ONE of the WINGS. Every strawhat are the wing, Sanji is one of them. It doesn't mean Sanji is number two in the crew lol

Luffy, Zoro, Yamato, Jinbei then Sanji 😎

Another chapter, another L. 🀣🀣🀣
Robin said one because the other one Is Zoro and him and Sanji have same role.
Well in my country, Spain, the lieutenant is only under the captain in authority and none other than him can order the lieutenant around.
That is military hierarchy. In Navy hierarchy or on a pirate ship things are different.
You just Salty a CoC other than Zoro who can fight Kaido on equal footing is joining the crew.
Yamato is joining. This chapter changes nothing. In fact it reinforces her joining since the current conflict ends with Wano being opened hence her fulfilling Odens dream.
I just don't like her. I don't think she is a threath power level wise nor I give a damn about it.
Zoro rival fandoms are Sanji, Luffy and now Kidd. Who cares of Yamatards.
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