Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Do you think Hawkins will assist Kid after he beats up his best friend and right-hand man?

I can see Hawkins teaming up with Kid if he comes to an agreement with Killer and doesn't beat him up.
Hawkins predictions are made to be broken. Killer isn’t dying and Hawkins will probably change his mind

It is a chekov’s gun, he will fire it
his rivals are fighting 2v1

even if kaido taken damage, luffy won't make a 100% recovery, he only eat some meat
zoro will heal all of his injuries doesn't mean he will be at 100% performance, also why would he wast so much potential on a definitely exhausted king, it makes no sense.
Dear God... His rivals are fighting 2v1 because Big Mom is fresh and literally hasn't received any damage but it will fall to a 1v1 later as well.
Kaido will face Yamato, Marco and Luffy but the formers will eventually fall because they already in bad shape leaving Luffy to defeat the villain as it has always happened.
It ain't hard to see bro, King is exhausted? The last time we saw him he was perfectly fine lol

Luffy: Has CoC
Ace: Had CoC
Yamato: Has CoC
Zoro: Has CoC
Sanji: Going to get CoC

Seems like this cover literally hint all CoC users(we know Ace had it), King vs Zoro could play a good role when it come to CoC battle, I can see now King having CoC too. Question is rather when Sanji unlock his CoC, against Queen or later?
Sanji getting CoC in Wano would undermine Zoro's achievement so later
Sanji getting CoC in Wano would undermine Zoro's achievement so later
Probably later then?
Im sure Sanji get CoC too, for myself I think diable jump(hell memories) and ashura are kinda of adv CoC form.
Probably King fire based on his back is coming from his adv CoC? I don´t really know but I want that Zoro get more focus in CoC since it seems be important for a swordfighter to have it, he literally gave Kaido his second scar who could be a hint of adv CoC.
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