Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Marco, Yamato, Luffy and Momonosuke = keys to defeating the Oni as per the tale
And if Oda didn´t up the tale, he would give Yamato a different fruit rather a dog similar zoan who is based on that myth.
We literally have all four together, Momo who is now flying, Yamato as Dog, Monkey as Luffy and Marco as bird under the dome.
For me the case is also Greg who hype that in the spoiler thread we he never do before.


Oda's accuser
Why are Zoro fans so much more unwilling to accept Zoro’s placement in the crew than Luffy and Sanji fans? Luffy fans mostly acknowledge that Zoro can push Luffy to high diff. Sanj fans acknowledge that Sanji is weaker than Zoro, and most acknowledge that he can only push Zoro to high diff. However, a majority of Zoro fans here refuse to acknowledge Luffy > Zoro, and most also refuse to acknowledge that Sanji can give Zoro some trouble
Many Sanji fans consider Zoro abudantly below Luffy which the manga proved to be false.
Lmao, you know you are strawmanning this argument.

It is literally not the same occurrence. I also find it fascinating how you can argue that for Jinbe but not for Franky. Both fights are entirely transitioned from without knowing the outcome. It's literally plain as day. Jinbe's dialogue has nothing to do with him winning. Franky has no dialogue. Fodder dialogue has nothing to do with WsW losing, they are just saying his name. Sasaki has no fodder dialogue.

How about you wait for scenes to return with Jinbe/Franky first before claiming their fights are over? It's unlike anything else we've had in the series. I've given you examples as to why it's not the same, we don't have clear moments of victory for these fights.
Because Franky is the fight in between, his fight is sandwich between Jinbe’s and Robins. My argument is that the wins are declared in the same chapter, just like arlong park

me strawmanning? You’re the one who is literally trying to find every excuse in the book to say Hachi’s defeat wasn’t similar.
He's mentioning that Zoro is worthy 120 millions yet he's second within his crew, which at the same time makes Luffy impressive. Again, you don't need to read Japanese, it's not hard to identify that Urouge never, ever refers to him as the first mate. But it's funny to see you being so apologetic about an English translation even though I'm bringing you the original text in panel.
Sandman and VIZ both say Urogue is calling him the second-in-command/first mate:
sandman translation:

"Thay guy (Zoro) has a high bounty despite his 2nd in command position. Zoro doesn't look like a person who obeys others"

Not go to WCI would have been a great choice. Would have saved us 2 years. The easiest answer is always the most simple answer.

The Zeff thing proved that SHs were never a top priority for Sanji even after Posttimeskip, also he gets married they can still do the same thing and kill them anyways.

Sanji lost to Judge anyways so that's that.
How was Sanji supposed to not go to WCI? You’re saying that Sanji should’ve just let Zeff, or a Straw Hat die because he didn’t want to go to WCI. Talk about selfish…

Judge let people die for him to win, Sanji held back because he didn’t want to hurt people who had no reason to be in this fight. This fight showed exactly the type of men these two are
Selfishly Went to WCI to deal with his issues couldnt and put his crew in danger and got bailed out by Luffy, even after kicking Luffy in the face. That's pretty selfish by most standards on here. Zoro's speech on Zou summed it up perfectly for me and most others on here

My personal opinion is if Oda wanted Sanji to have CoC, in the year of Sanji, Oda would have given it to him in WCI, but that was not the case. My other opinion is when Judge was disrespecting Sanji at the end of the arc, was also the other hint of Sanji not being a conqueror. The whole arc you have your up and down moments with your family only in the end for Judge to think the same way he basically did in the beginning of the arc.
The idea of sanji getting conqueror ahead of zoro is never an option , it will make zoro looks weaker than sanji and oda wont do that for sure . Thats why he holding back sanji so much in wci , because if he gets the feats there , ppl will start saying sanji is much stronger than zoro
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