Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Bc everyone reads online
i guess they don't count digital volumes then
i think votes in the poll were higher because of online voting system as well. Like first there was only post card system. Hence 11k votes, but this time postcard votes were given 10 point, so 110k point from that alone, and then one vote(valued at 1 point) per day for 60 days as well.
thank you for explaining, i wasn't aware that 1 vote equals 10 points, the postcard vs the online voting systems is interesting as well, so it's easier for fans to vote online it explains the large difference in numbers.
i mean alot of these new "fans" dont read or even watch the series its just a trend now eventually like all trends it will die cough hxh
i don't think someone that doesn't read would waste time voting though.
are you comparing the volume sales? im sure once volume 99, 100 & 101 hit the shelves they'll sell like hot cakes and the sales will come back up just fine. iirc volume 98 released this year and not last year so that would affect the volume sales of 2020.
i used the popularity polls to see how many new fans are there, and for luffy the number of fans increased by 300% since year 2017.

and that doesn't explain why the sales are going down.
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