Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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I wouldn't even mind if Kaido didn't get a fleshed backstory at all, but for that to work he would have to be a similar character like Lucci where he was just a mindless killer, Kaido being just a pure battle maniac. More complex doesn't always mean good.
Yeah thats a good point, he does remind me of Lucci somehow too. With the Enies Lobby vibes Onigashima has, Kaido being Lucci of the New World/Post TS (aside from the literal actual Lucci who is now active in CP0 extremely ironically ofc).

I honestly wouldn't mind if Kaido was written more like that, but I still want an answer on how and why he came to Wano and why he decided to work with Orochi and have this alliance with him? It might be simpler than I think to be fair, also Orochi's DF might have impressed him given what we know about Kaido's preferences for DFs too ofc.

I wouldn't mind a simple answer for that too, just for Oda to give us some kind of official/canonical explanation for what set up those two together. And why Kaido suddenly betrayed Orochi now and killed him too. After that moment, it made me wonder if Orochi somehow had leeway over Kaido and Kaido was infuriated and biding his time to betray and kill Orochi and thus get revenge and free himself from Orochi's grasp/blackmail over him?

Ironically Big Mom coming to Wano ended up a source of hope for Kaido, despite how they reacted to seeing each other again and her being there. Now he doesn't have to assumingly fear whatever Orochi had over him and on that note, since Orochi was doing deals with CP0 and thus the WG in secret, maybe Kaido was afraid of this and them somehow? Given his past experiennces of being captured, tortured and almost executed so many times?


I've joked before that Kaido is actually "Kaido of the 100 PTSDs" instead, but given how many times he was apparently captured, tortured and almost executed, this might actually be true ironically? We've seen how truly horrific torture can be in OP from ironically Kaido's crew themselves (King was said to be a brutal torturer I think before and I can definitely see it in his character, we saw what the other Beast Pirates could do too ofc), the whole SMILE fruits thing as it affected the Ebisu residents, Killer, Toko etc, Impel Down especially ofc, Doflamingo's backstory and so on.


I'm sure it was on here too, I recently saw someone theorise that Kaido and King believe in and look up to Nika the Sun God and Kaido's attitude actually correlates with that. it's similar to Vikings and Valhalla (I can definitely see the Elbaf warriors being like this) or the OP Shandian warriors I think, where they want to go out in a blaze of glory and make themselves literal worthy sacrifices to their gods, but in battle and bloodshed?

The theory was, that Kaido was trying to make himself the ultimate sacrfice for Nika, hence also his line about "men finding or becoming perfection in death" or something along those lines? What he said during the rooftop fight? Even if he isn't aware of Nika somehow or has this plan in mind, maybe King at least could be aiming to sacrifice Kaido somehow to appease Nika? The ultimate tribute in the strongest creature and warrior, Kaido?:kaimoji:

Does this make any sense? I'm paraphrasing what they said too from what I remember, but it's not completely accurate ofc.


I also thought ironically Zoro and Kaido would really get along given their love for fighting, masculinity, love of drinking and such.

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