Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Ironically enjoying this much more than expected

I take my L Sanji is the number 2 because of his bounty.

Why didnt Oda and company have Sanji fight Kaido alongside Luffy instead of Zoro

Why did Zoro awaken CoC before Sanji

Why is Sanji fighting Queen eventhough you all wanted him to Fight King because King from your eyes is clearly superior

Can someone please answer these 3 questions for me.
Oda giving more attention and feats to Robin in one chapter than Nami in the whole arc. Anyway, Robin was always stronger, but the amount of content Oda built for her in this chapter seems better than expected for me, bringing her past and old known characters, the amazing mention of Sanji while saying Luffy will be the Pirate King for the first time, it's great
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