Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Yeah immidiately after that, Oda hyped the fuck out of Zoro as a compensation for calling him 3's
And put Sanji in 20 chapters of darkness :usoprice:
Yeah, we could see something similar to that actually.
Although, not as bad for Sanji.
If he gets a hype moment when fighting/defeating Queen, then Oda might ruin it by having Zoro's return be right after.
Or some shit like a CoC moment...
Totally overshadowing him once again.

Would be sad.
People need to realize is that Yamato's whole character arc here is about NOT being shackled down. Her devil fruit being regarded as "The Guardian Deity of Wano" should further enforce the notion that she will leave the Country. Whether it be as a Straw Hat, or by some other means, she is leaving Wano. This is the same thing Oden went through being born as the Shoguns son, and the fact that the borders of Wano were supposed to be closed. He didn't want to be shackled down either, and chose to follow his own path. That is what Yamato is trying to achieve herself.
Yamato's character arc could be to abandon the Oden impersonation and not try to emulate his choices.

Or maybe learn from Oden's mistakes at least, since Oden leaving the country made room for Orochi and Kaido to seize control in his absence.

Yamato representing a Guardian Deity of Wano through the DF ability could hint at her ultimate decision to safeguard it, and in case Momo joins as a cabin boy, keep it safe and ready for his return as the proper Shogun when the time has come after his coming of age journey.
Ok, the rooftop was obviously a supernova only thing for thematic reasons. After that, the rooftop gang disassembled and went to their real fights. Luffy vs Kaido, Kidd and Law vs Mama, Hawkins vs Killer. Let's not pretend being on the roof was a power level. The story directs it.
That brings up another point if Sanji was that guy he would’ve been a Supernova like Zoro and Luffy yet he wasn’t.
If Sanji was that guy he would’ve been on the rooftop as well but instead he was getting clapped by Black Maria.

Zoro had no help when he Scarred Kaido, he had no help when he intercepted and blocked a Yonko combination attack, he had no help when he cut Kaido’s boro breath and Prometheous. He had no help when he showed his CoC. These were all solo feats, feats that are LEVELS above what Sanji has shown. Sanji being able to block one Big mom attack and him doing the stuff that I mentioned Zoro did are on ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVELS.

Like I said some people are just trolling and others are just stupid, you seem to be one of these people.
Sanji blocked attack from Big Mom. He does confront Yonko and fight their attacks. Your ignoring that.

Zoro had help. Don't lie on that. Law teleport him around and Killer fight with him on few times. That wasn't solo fight and pretending Zoro on one on one with either or 2 vs 1 that he fight them off, not logical, bruh. Also Full-Zoan Kaido isn't much on feat worthy given even Kinemon and Scabbards harm him in that form. Are they all above everyone then by your logic?

Team feats are not above solo feats. Zoro and Sanji are YC lvl especially their main fights being King and Queen pushed it more and why Oda bringing back the 'wings' comment. They are more equal than gap and getting help by team doesn't push you above everyone, bruh.

Not with depending talk going on, but your not really on anything with your talk either.
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