Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Yamato's character arc could be to abandon the Oden impersonation and not try to emulate his choices.

Or maybe learn from Oden's mistakes at least, since Oden leaving the country made room for Orochi and Kaido to seize control in his absence.

Yamato representing a Guardian Deity of Wano through the DF ability could hint at her ultimate decision to safeguard it, and in case Momo joins as a cabin boy, keep it safe and ready for his return as the proper Shogun when the time has come after his coming of age journey.
Still doesn't address the point about her not being shackled down, and that's exactly what eating a fruit that is the "Guardian Deity of Wano" implies. She's meant to break the bonds of fate, not embrace it.
Luffy was running to get to Kaido, he didn't want to waste time. Zoro run away from him and only fight when Drake help him. That not it, bruh. Apoo got back up easily and fighting with Drake. That isn't a feat on him.
luffy and zoro got noticed by apoo after they made a mess, apoo attacked them, kid attacked apoo, all of them ran away, nobody cared about apoo but kidd.

apoo got bach up after zoro completed his mission and already on the rooftop
It kinda annoys me that Robin said her & Brook had similar amounts of suffering.
I get it, her life sucked pre-SH.

Brook spent almost double the amount of years Robin has been alive aimlessly wandering a mind-altering sea alone.
If Robin tried to swim in Brook's pool of suffering, she'd drown Devil fruit or not
AND STILL, Brook is way more entertaining
What a stupid comparison lol
Sanji blocked attack from Big Mom. He does confront Yonko and fight their attacks. Your ignoring that.
Im not ignoring that, that’s great for Sanji but like I said that doesn’t compare to the feats that Zoro showed on the rooftop.

Zoro had help. Don't lie on that. Law teleport him around and Killer fight with him on few times. That wasn't solo fight and pretending Zoro on one on one with either or 2 vs 1 that he fight them off, not logical, bruh. Also Full-Zoan Kaido isn't much on feat worthy given even Kinemon and Scabbards harm him in that form. Are they all above everyone then by your logic?
Law didn’t teleport Zoro to do any of the feats that I mentioned except for when Zoro cut Kaido’s boro breath. Zoro intercepted and blocked Hybrid Kaido + Big Mom named attack, he also scarred Hybrid Kaido not Full Zoan Kaido… So dont compare Zoro’s feats to those of the Scabbards.

Team feats are not above solo feats. Zoro and Sanji are YC lvl especially their main fights being King and Queen pushed it more and why Oda bringing back the 'wings' comment. They are more equal than gap and getting help by team doesn't push you above everyone, bruh.
Zoro feats were solo feats he did them on his own. Go reread the manga, he scarred Kaido on his own, Blocked yonko combination attack on his own, cut boro breath on his own and the CoC he used was his own. These arent team feats, he did these geats on his own. Also please don’t try and predict the future we dont know who Zoro will fight when he is healed so dont just assume it’ll be King then use it in a discussion.

Not with depending talk going on, but your not really on anything with your talk either.
This doesn’t even make sense. I can see now through your lack of literacy why you struggle with understanding the Manga.
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