Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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i feel like oda is rushing this but i have watched the anime till zou so honestly i dont know if this is his normal pace or no
Nah he is rushing it. one of Oda’s actual editors said Oda was rushing it.

Which is unprecedented for anyone working on One piece to say anything even slightly negative about the story but this was such a blatant shift that an editor made a public statement on it
The Wano arc introduced 7/9 of ancient types and 4/6 of the mythical types

I just hope the other mythical types (if there are others) are more iconic beasts, this wolf seems obscure.
Usopp is based in Pinocho/Pinocchio, Sanji in Mr Pink (Reservoir dogs), Franky (Popeye), Chopper(Rudolph), Brook (Jack Skellington).
I didn't know that these characters joined to a pirate band in his respectives histories :milaugh:
Pinocchio really? I always thought his story was based on the person who cried Wolf. Remember Ussop entire childhood and life would be calling out Pirates all the time causing terror to the town. When real pirates showed up nobody really believed it and got tired of it
holly shit robin you didn't need to wank sanji that hard :steef:

special smile, and inanimate objects can eat smile, interesting, but the smile still sucks.

is luffy 100% though? zoro is going to make a 100% recovery too, sanji is relatively fresh, and with robin statement it's basically confirmed that the monster trio/three musketeers are going to fight kaido.

yamato still meh, the reveal of her DF means that she's gonna fall soon.
Didn't expect early spoilers but I should have expect it since it's a holiday break...

Love the nickname of wings of the pirate king, seems like Oda wrote that in a sbs too? Nice.

It also seems like there is more to Yamato than what the spoilers says, but we wait until next week for that I guess.


Marco already told the beast pirates as he helped in the live floor that he is not going after Kaido yet . which means he will go after him later as well. Oda used Marco as a symbol for a rooster as well many times for example as he draw the Chinese zodiac .
Momo is Momataro
Marco is the pheasant some sort of rooster.
Luffy is the monkey
and Yamato is the wolf (some sort of dog) and you can be sure the official name will be inu inu mthyical Zoan fruit model: Ooguchi no Makami.
What do u mean? That's an excerpt from the SBS and no if anything you are the one mistranslating it.
The translation that the both of them are Luffy's wings is accurate.
Okay let me ask, what is Kaido’s epithet. Is it “100 beasts Kaido” or is it “King of beasts Kaido”

Do you remember this argument back in Oro Jackson?

the difference between translating WORD FOR WORD and actually translating the meaning of the statements made?
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