Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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People need to realize is that Yamato's whole character arc here is about NOT being shackled down. Her devil fruit being regarded as "The Guardian Deity of Wano" should further enforce the notion that she will leave the Country. Whether it be as a Straw Hat, or by some other means, she is leaving Wano. This is the same thing Oden went through being born as the Shoguns son, and the fact that the borders of Wano were supposed to be closed. He didn't want to be shackled down either, and chose to follow his own path. That is what Yamato is trying to achieve herself.
I don't really agree with your take that her DF being regarded as the "Guardian Deity of Wano" enforces the notion that she will leave. Yamato is still yet to do anything befitting of that title. Not to mention that she would have to be regarded as such by the Wano folk in the first place so if anything this DF reveal is a prelude to her taking up that role on Wano imo. Not to mention that this concept "Divine Protector of Wano" is something that has come up prior in the arc and was said in reference to Kaido. With Yamato, the people of Wano might actually get a proper "Guardian Deity" and fact that she is Oogami whatever lol will only make it more convincing to them

Also, by the time this whole Kaido saga is finished, chances are that there would only be a few scabbards left over. Not to mention, that Wano will open its borders after this arc, so it will be very vulnerable to attacks from the outside, so it's possible that Yamato decides to stay on Wano to protect for a bit even if it's only till they get back on their feet. Oden forsook his country for his dream and Wano fell into hell for 20 years as a a result so we might see Yamato making the opposite decision. (Personally I hate this whole Yamato/Oden *forced* parallel but if we we are gonna persist with it till the end then I reckon this is outcome is feasible).

Lastly, it is important to note that unlike Oden, she can leave Wano anytime she so chooses to after this arc. Oden only had one shot at it.
Happy to know you love this one.

Last time I heard about King he was Sanji's destined fight.

He's not a challenge for current Zoro unless he wants to die.

Zoro is going for the roof round 2 no matter if someone likes it or not.
No you don't like it or not zoro exchange to fight king and marco gonna help luffy to recover.
Oda is really planning to make Sanji the most feared SH
He will have bigger bounty than zoro at EoS

Even after wano, Sanji will still have bigger bounty unless Zoro does something more than just beating King or else he'd have 1.32B while sanji gets 1.33B

Oda is now doing Sanji justice in a samurai arc
Yeah he's gonna cut that Dragon head off :myman:
Hold up? Does she think Sanji is number 2 because of his bounty? That's funny

I guess that's to be expected since she doesn't know Yamato is fighting for the Samurai alliance and she doesn't know anything about Zoro.

Actually, the more I think about it the less sense it makes. Did Black Maria ignore Law, Kid and Killer too? She doesn't know anything. She most of been talking about the none SN or rooftop number# 2. That places Sanji behind Jinbei because she doesn't know Marco is there either.

Damn, all that excited for Sanji just died.
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