Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Eh, couldn't say. You don't even get a victory panel from Nami. Want to see the last face Nami makes with her encounter with Ulti in 1016?

You see nothing else from Nami after Zeus hits Ulti, not even for the rest of the chapter. 1017 has Nami here next:

Which then 1018 proceeds to have a 1.5 page even on Usopp and Nami's location:

I gotta say, nothing convinces me either Ulti or P1 are actually down. Its clear something here is probably going to stop the headliners from protecting Nami/Usopp/Tama. A lot of the way Ulti and P1 were taken down were a result of Oda trying to get Tama to make the control announcement. Now that its over, who knows what happens.

What I haven't seen are victory panels, literally against any of the 4 F6 members that allegedly "defeated" at this time. Every single past fight in the series, over 1000 chapters, has included these, yet these 4 in a row have yet to do so.
There is literally no point in bringing back Ulti and I say that as someone who is a fan of her.

Ulti was knocked down by Yamato and then came back, then she was knocked down by Big Mom and came back again, the attack by Nami and Zeus was pretty much the finisher for Ulti.

When Ulti came back after Big Mom's attack, she was severely weakened and Zeus even said that her inside was badly damaged and that one more attack would finish her.

Nami said that she needed stronger lightning to defeat Ulti and guess what she finally did that, her defeat was then announced throughout all of Onigashima.

Again there is no point in having Ulti come back, Nami already defeated her and having Ulti come back just so she could get defeated again by Nami is just a waste of time.

At some point you need to accept that these Tobi Roppo's are not going to come back multiple times, and that Oda probably wants to move on to other stuff.

The only reason why I think Page One might come back is because he was never properly defeated by a SH or ally, so him coming back only to be defeated by either Usopp or Chopper could still happen but when it comes to Ulti she was already defeated by Nami so there is no point in having her come back again.
With how the chapter is going, I think Momo is gonna drop Luffy at Marco, and Zoro will intercept King and ask Marco to go heal Luffy
Nice but doubts it
Although I’ve always thought of a scenario I can picture Oda drawing
Where Luffy and Marco are fighting on same place and Marco comments on how he feels he’s fighting next to Ace

I am 100% sure this scene is coming one way or the other
Also, let’s not forget, Marco and Luffy has yet to meet on Onigashima hhhhh so Oda will unite them somehow
Not necessarily how it goes.. just cause someone got a power up of specific kind before the other does not guarantee he’s of higher caliber… although I can see your point…
But we can apply that to Usopp
His rank as a fighter in SH crew is among the weak trio… YET he unlocked his observation before Franky, Brook, Robin..etc
I applied it to CoC because that is a different circumstance which is something you are born with.

For argument sake lets say Sanji has CoC but hasnt awakened it. If he was #2 wouldnt it make the most sense if Sanji awakened it before Zoro i.e #3 did.

2nd part is Sanji in theory should also be fighting against King 1v1 as well.

Usopp and Sanji situaion is clearly comparing apples to oranges
Her portrayal actually shows the opposite

Robin's DF is supposed to be strong as hell and it looks like its looking like that right now, it's not exaggeration to say Robin can defeat her 1vs1, especially cuz we barely saw her full potential. Let's not forget that Brook was there too
Her fighting style seems very tricky and alternative which makes for a better matchup against Robin than a brute force fighter.

But let's not forget that she used brass knuckles to hurt a Sanji that wasn't using armament. She is probably the weakest in terms of raw strenght at least.
Do the tobi roppo even have power ranks amongst themselves? I can see Drake being the strongest since he is a worst gen, and Page 1 being the weakest because of his portrayal, but the rest hasnt done anything that puts one over the other...
Also, Kunyun was foreshadowed on the Live Floor during the beginning of the raid. She was among the Numbers that laughed when their names were called by Queen.

That only leaves us with four more Numbers to go. I wonder what direction Oda will go with the remaining ones with five of them permanently defeated. We know Brook's going to defeat Kunyun somehow.
We saw a silhouette of one somewhere around the Live Floor, and this was after Jaki, Juki, and Goku were defeated. This was probably Number 6 (“Roki”), since odds are Numbers 1, 2, and 3 will make their appearance as a trio
Well he is facing her crew too to be fair, tho Robin/Jinbei/Franky are likely gonna get the credit for beating the F6 and therefore a higher bounty than Brook
I realize Nami even might get a higher bounty than Brook, world doesn't know all the bitch ass moves Oda had to do for that to be pulled off, I hate that, would rather have Brook take out Ulti:sighting:
Brook must be Oda’s least favorite SH if he doesn’t actually get to fight WsW
He wont fight WW, he should have fought Page One or Ulti and leave the other one teamed up by Nami and Usopp
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Black Maria did call Drake the next successor to Queen
She was simply implying if he is interested, not even close to what you are implying
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Do the tobi roppo even have power ranks amongst themselves? I can see Drake being the strongest since he is a worst gen, and Page 1 being the weakest because of his portrayal, but the rest hasnt done anything that puts one over the other...
I wouldn't even put Drake above the rest, but yeah besides P1 being ranked weakest rest there's no clear gap among them.
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