Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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It's not about how beast pirates see Sanji as. It's just a matter of how Oda sees Sanji as. Oda would not have indicated this at all if he want.. For the first time in an arc, Oda has made order. Actually, this is a message about how dangerous he will be one day, as Sanji said to Kuma. Sanji started pirating and making a name from nothing. And today he has risen to an impressive position. But Zoro had already made a name for himself and was known to everyone in the East Blue.
Just as Zoro was included in the supernova group. Oda repeated the same thing for Sanji this time.
It's that simple.
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luffy asked for meat instead of sanji before flying up to onigashima.

law's crew chicken wings > lanji pk wings.

are there still idiots who thibk the oda wont give CoC to the pirate king's chicken wings? :suresure:
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