Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Smoker is called a rowdy dog of the marine for a reason smoker was told to take the credit and he knew he wasn't the one who deserved it so he wasn't listened to anyway .... the government only knew what Luffy and Zoro did.. and not what sanji did and saying that doesn't warrant a bounty.. from the follow actions he did , defeating the 3rd Strongest Boruque Work,.. Manipulated and fooled a warlord.. saved his crew from a warlord enabling his captain to defeat Crocy... defeating dozens of baroque works... this alone stacks whatever he did over Zoro who just Defeated 100 and took down the 2nd Strongest..

just comparing who had a decisive hand is luffy ACCOMPLISHING his task and causing a ruckus..

Sanji didnt get a bounty.

sanji not getting a bounty.. by saying what he didn't doesn't warrant a bounty.. is just ludicrous..
LMAO this argument is bad.

(going from memory) Smoker directly tells Tashigi what Luffy & Zoro did during Alabasta and why now their crew is dangerous.
Luffy - For defeating Crocodile
Zoro - defeating 100 Grandline assassins & defeating Mr.1 who is a world renowned assassin - 75,000,000 bounty

Sanji's feats are comparable to Chopper
* both helped dupe Crocodile - albeit it's Sanji's idea
* both defeated members of Baroque works - the members defeated aren't viewed as high threats to the World Government so no bounty increase

His accomplishments during Alabasta are good but to the WG doesn't warrant a bounty increase (and there were witnesses)
He earned every sword that he is using right now unlike Sanji who got Iron Man's suit for free.
Dude , what are you talkin about ? zoro is known by everybody in Eastblue . He already had famaous swordsman as pirate hunter. Even Arlong Pirate thouhgt zoro is the captain of the crew. When sanji join SH , he started from zero point. He grown up restaurant . And after 5 6 month , Sanji captured zoro. You are still saying vinsmoke factor. Inquality comes from begining. He has royal blood and one day he can rule germa country potentially. Of course , his bounty will be increased like D family. That is normal.
Black Maria isn't hyping up Sanji when she's disrespecting him :facepalm

It's like me saying "You're the teacher? You're dumb and the students always laugh at you"
This is Oda saying Sanji wouldn't humiliate himself for a reason. Humiliating himself to help others is why he's Mr. Prince. I am sure Oda will expand on this later on.
Wouldn't say Sanji didn't earn the raidsuit after all that WCI shit. The difference between Enma and Raidsuit is
1. Raidsuit is an immediate powerboost, Sanji could immediately put that shit on and beat folks with it without any major hinder
2. Enma requires training for it to be a powerboost. Give Zoro Enma in the middle of a battle without any training and he would be dead.
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