Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Never cared about King after Zoro went to the roof.

You lot pray to god that Zoro fights King so you can shit on him for fighting commander like Lanji.

Not happening bro.

Unless King turns out to be Ace of the Beast pirates with fucking advCoA CoC and every shit in the world.

King is trash written.
King is trash written? Why exactly? He is been neglected by Oda but he is still a YC1, you are trashing a character who has appeared like two to three times in the whole war, at least give him the benefit of the doubt. I never truly understand why Oda chose to focus in characters like Tama instead of focusing in making a charismatic antagonist , I thing he has demostrated to be capable of doing such thing( katakuri, marco, Joker are all good in my opinion). At this point in wano, all the antagonist should have been developed , but that is not the case even with the main villain. Not even Big Mom had such treatment. If king, queen, jack and kaido don't do anything by the time this arc concludes, then yes, King would turn out to be the lamest YC1, but he still has some room for improvement as a character.
He hasn't even shown hybrid.
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