Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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After ZKK:
Black Maria: so hes the real no 1 in your team??!??
Robin: off course!! But he choose to be just VC
Black Maria: what the fact??? He can be PK alone!!
Robin: no arguments here cause its true..
You do know having a higher bounty doesnt equate to being stronger because if thats the case Kidd be over Luffy. We all know thats not the case. I guess sanji fans got to make themselves feel better. Nothing changes... Power wise: Zoro>>>Sanji and rank on the crew Zoro>>the cook
People gotta stop the whole kidd has higher bounty than Luffy, that shit ended ages ago hhhhhhh
I still see people saying that line now…

Also, the 2 years timeskip made all the difference for Luffy to be beyond Kidd… otherwise, Luffy and Kidd would stay equals with very little use of haki and depending on raw brute strength alone with similar moves and attacks
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