Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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WAMATO versus G3, he held on without moving.
FUJITORA versus G3 with basic COA, even defending/blocking (doing the same as YAMATO), for a G3, which doesn't even compare to what it is today, it was thrown far.
hybrid WAMATO versus casual KAIDO with ADCOC, physical strength.
Literally everyone was saying that "Sanji number 2" is because of his bounty LoL that isn't even a question, the whole deal was about the wings thing, was this sufficient to make some Zoro fans mad?
:gokulaugh: :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

And now desperatly overinflating Zoro's feats because of Yamato.
Talk about insecurity :suresure: :suresure:
No one said Sanji is number 2. The wing thing was a good banter, honestly. Then you guys disregarded it, started overhyping no.2 stuff, only for it to be turned out false, and thus now you look like clowns. Sometimes it's better to just quieten after being embarrassed lol

Yamato feats? She was a hell lot more impressive in last few chapters.

M8, really, this is said. I get it you need to cope but this just makes you look so hurt lol
Plot armor is not gonna let Kaidou kill them, even if he would have the chance too. Doesn't matter if he says he want to kill them or not, it isn't gonna happen. You can even give them a survival chance of 0.00000001%, they are 100% not gonna die.
So Kaidou saying it doesn't matter at all.
its been three chapters since yamato vs kaido started. both are in hybrid form. my point is your dont see kaido throw around attacks like ragnaraku or thunder bagua or hakkai at yamato.
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