Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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“He is a man worth to be called the Wings of the Pirate King"

Fairy Piece strikes again, Oda’s meaningless dialogue designed for two year olds will undoubtedly generate hundreds of pages of controversy online as people pretend like the “Wings of the Pirate King” is suddenly a substantial title that actually means something, rather than what it actually is:

A vague, meaningless non-title that Oda came up with while he was on the toilet and was like “oh wow, that sounds awesome! The babies will eat that shit up!”

Also I don’t care about Sanji vs Zoro or whatever I’m going to be accused of caring about lol. Let Sanji solo King/Queen or both at the same time, I don’t care. This dialogue is still complete shit lol.
And Kaido is right now the only "Demon" right now. His crew members aren't onis and I doubt Marco get waste for beating weak ass Numbers.

In the moment when Yamato get a similar dog df and Momo going back with Luffy to Kaido, it clearly show that Oda want to play the Momotaro story on Kaido with Momo+Luffy+Yamato+Marco facing Kaido.
LOL, this comment proves that you like to interpret things to fit your own agenda or desire.

- I can also say Marco is a Phoenix and not a pheasant bird.

- Momotaro fought the Onis but Momo can't fight Kaido because he is too weak.

- Kaido is not an oni. He's a dragon.


Marco is not going to be wasted because he is fighting the third strongest character on the enemy side after Kaido and Big Mom. It makes sense that Oda gave him a man like King to fit his caliber.
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