Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Fairy Piece strikes again, Oda’s meaningless dialogue designed for two year olds will undoubtedly generate hundreds of pages of controversy online as people pretend like the “Wings of the Pirate King” is suddenly a substantial title that actually means something, rather than what it actually is:

A vague, meaningless non-title that Oda came up with while he was on the toilet and was like “oh wow, that sounds awesome! The babies will eat that shit up!”

Also I don’t care about Sanji vs Zoro or whatever I’m going to be accused of caring about lol. Let Sanji solo King/Queen or both at the same time, I don’t care. This dialogue is still complete shit lol.
i was gonna ask the same question.
is it supposed to be taken literally? oda killed it next page when luffy asked momo for a ride.
does it have another hidden meaning?
it's BS at this point.
Kaido gave her a mission to capture Robin to use her to read the poneglyphes. She even captured Sanji to use him as bait for Robin. So, please go and read that chapter again before because you are wrong.
she said "those were the orders from master kaido" she never said that is the order or mission specifically given to her. you really think kaido needs to specifically ask one F6 to do it while the other 5 fuck around?

- Ulti and Page One vs Nami and Usopp: Ulti and Page One vs Nami and Usopp had an insane build-up. They chased them/ fought for so many chapters. Oda dedicated a lot of panels for those two fights. And Page One vs Usopp is not even done yet.
bro lmao that was the confrontation lol. chasing someone over multiple chapters =/= buildup/backstory for the fight. jinbe vs who's who happened for like 1.5 chapters max and it probably had better buildup than this.

- Franky vs Sasaki: There is a theory that Sasaki might be Kokoro's son. The fight isn't over so it may still be true.
yeah good idea to base it off of a theory which is probably not true lmao

listen i never said zoro is gonna fight king. i just said that your reasoning behind why zoro wont fight king cos "tHeRe iS nO BuiLDuP" is absolute ass. don't need to get that triggered for a fictional character lmao calm down.
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