Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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If Oda decides to say king is on the same level as queen and Zoro and Sanji beat them with similar results then that’s how it’ll be
delusion. zoro stopping hakkai for a second, cutting kaido are levels above defeating a mere yonko commander. i can smell the hard copium you're using through the internet.
Zoro will probably take over.
But why? there is simply no reason for marco to ditch the king fight.
Momo carrying luffy and luffy is already healed, So tehre is no reason for Marco to leave the kings fight for any reason. And he said that he wants the new generation to beat the old generation (refeering to kaido and the super novas fight) early on so why wouldn that change now? Marco will not fight kaido at all it makes no sense.
Where did the heart pirates go? Did they just let a beat up man leave their infirmary? Why isn’t Jean Bart taking care of this man?

can this crew do anything right without Law?
You’re absolutely right, and it just makes me more upset :christunate:

I always like to extend this to the Carrot collective (save the handful of lunatics who I despise), but she could still easily join the crew…alongside Yamato, who will absolutely become a member no matter what. The latter is inevitable, the former is just an uninspiring bonus at this point.
Like, not to be mean to those that wanted Carrot to join, but I think its highly unlikely at this point. The only reason needed for this is her massive irrelevance this arc. If she were a prospective strawhat, Oda would have made Carrot more of a player against the beast pirates. Instead, she was given an opportunity to fight Perospero but lost that bid.

Seriously. The only way she becomes more relevant is if she gets some unique powerup unique from her species and is part of continuing fights against Beast Pirates, which seems highly unlikely at this point.

Not even trying to be mean, just realistic
@Yasheen why do you insist that Ulti and Page One are on the same level as the older Flying Six when they are clearly weaker than those three
Lmao what did Sasaki or whos who do to put them a level above ulti or page one.
Ulti tanked big moms attack and made Luffy feel a need to use gear 4. Whos who got knocked out after one attack from Jinbe. Sasaki didn’t do much better.

They’re all on the same level
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