Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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But why? there is simply no reason for marco to ditch the king fight.
Momo carrying luffy and luffy is already healed, So tehre is no reason for Marco to leave the kings fight for any reason. And he said that he wants the new generation to beat the old generation (refeering to kaido and the super novas fight) early on so why wouldn that change now? Marco will not fight kaido at all it makes no sense.
Marco's role is to support, he can clearly support Luffy vs Kaido.

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Like, not to be mean to those that wanted Carrot to join, but I think its highly unlikely at this point. The only reason needed for this is her massive irrelevance this arc. If she were a prospective strawhat, Oda would have made Carrot more of a player against the beast pirates. Instead, she was given an opportunity to fight Perospero but lost that bid.

Seriously. The only way she becomes more relevant is if she gets some unique powerup unique from her species and is part of continuing fights against Beast Pirates, which seems highly unlikely at this point.

Not even trying to be mean, just realistic
Several of them have been rejecting harsh truths for a while now, go ahead and be mean…it’s not like they have an illness you can’t mock, they’ve been told what’s up on multiple occasions and actively choose to reject reality :kayneshrug:
looking at the pattern of the current chapters, it looks like Oda wants to finish up all the Wano fights ASAP and he's already gotten rid of 4 Tobi Roppo/Flying Six so far.

wouldn't be surprised if Black Maria gets taken out in this chapter as well, as much as how disappointing that would be.
Doesnt seem like it based on the spoilers, and I hope its not, this would be the only fight that got no exchanges shown prior to its resolution for some reason
Boubty isn’t power pevel

and what offhand comment? Like Queen or King will say “I’m on the same level as that guy”
Bounty is portrayal to an extent. If king and queen have nearly the same bounty there’s no reason to assume kings much stronger than him.

And offhand comments about previous fights, both saying how useless the other is in a fight, there’s a lot of things to say. Hell Oda made everyone praise Katakuri with these comments to show no ones close to him.
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