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@GangPoe so you were saying?:catblush::catpole::catsure:

A LOT of people are missing what Oda is trying to setup and showcase here. The themes of lost innocence, having to grow up prematurely and "be a man, be an adult" even though you're still a child. That happens a LOT IRL, around the world and especially in times of poverty, war, crime and such.

I don't understand why people are so outwardly resilient, so outspoken against this concept/idea. If Momonosuke does get aged up here which I believe he will be, he's going to lose his childhood almost permanently. He's already been sent through time by 20 years, had to watch his parents go to their brutal murders, not even just deaths but murders, was seperated from his sister by 20 years who got left behind and had to survive, live and cope without him for 20 years too, almost alone in the country that was taken over and ruined by the evil tyrants who killed their parents.

Momonosuke is SUFFERING! Its the same with Tama and Toko, people blatantly hate them but why? They are living in completely hellish circumstances, they're just innocent children and they are all SUFFERING BRUTALLY! Momonosuke was beaten up, held hostage multiple times, almost executed, humiliated/degraded and so on.

Are y'all really that devoid of empathy that you can't empathsie with these children suffering so much? And before any of you dare say, "they're just children, stop taking it so seriously", y'all are all the ones who argue about Zoro and Sanji ad infinitum even when it's barely relevant (as it has been a lot of the time lately too), you complain and stan characters and their writing, you criticise and praise, so why the double standard then?

This is absolutely tragic writing if you ironically have the maturity to notice, understand and appreciate it. I was forced to grow up prematurely and I constantly get flak from far more immature people, most who were older than me ironically. That's maybe why I'm taking this so personally and seriously too ofc, but still?
There are people who legitimate want Momo to suffer and especially die, what is wrong with you? It's sick, absolutely sick.

Ok, I'm done sperging out/ranting now, I'm particularly angry today due to personal circumstances too so that's not helping either ofc.



Hence why turning him into an adult is a bad idea.
He should be able to enjoy the free country post final war as a child.
Not a spoiler but it clears up the adult momo and shinobu situation a bit. Posted by redon

First of all, and as far as I know, in the chapter they only talk about the subject and no decision is made (we are not going to see the adult Momonosuke on the last page or anything like that). The only thing that is specified is that, if in the end Momonosuke will not be able to go back and will keep the body that he gets thanks to the "Juku Juku Youen no Jutsu".

On the other hand, for Momonosuke to grow up, it does not mean that he becomes an ultra-powerful warrior by magic. And I don't think he will be maturing in terms of personality, either. I am clear that he will continue to be the same child we know but with the body of an adult.

Yes, obviously he will be stronger physically (especially if he inherits his father's physique) but the experience as a swordsman that training and battles give, I don't think he will have it. The same as for the use of haki, that is not something you can control just by getting older. Imagine that the Luffy from the beginning of the series had met Shinobu and made him grow 2 or 3 years, would he be as strong as the Luffy of now? Obviously not, because Luffy has not gotten stronger for being 2 or 3 years older, he is stronger thanks to everything that has happened on his journey.

Momonosuke's most important change would be in his dragon form, there he could have a substantial improvement if he manages to control a little the powers that his devil fruit gives him. It would not reach the level of Kaidou (due to lack of experience, as I said before) but I do think that it would be able to use the "Bolo Breath" or some basic attack, and being a larger dragon, it would have a destructive power to have consider.
Drawing from Korean Leaks
Man Robin is looking hella savage~! :steef:. Reminds a bit of Monster Point Chopper on Enies Lobby ^^

To think she could manhandle a Tobi Roppo like this tho :catsweat:. Sanji wasn't playing when he told Maria and I quote, "underestimate Nico Robin at ur own peril" hot damn!

Feel like I've said this so many times already but this is the best Tobi Roppo fight by a f*king mile!
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