Will ZKk Happen?

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Lmao that Momo bit could be so ass if happens.
But he only asked so gotta wait (too bad we have a break) to bash or not.

It would open plot holes like why Shinobu didn't use her DF to age her enemies and beat them or something.
i'm upset just for the sake of consistency.

sanji for example is a main fighter and his armament was so weak to defend against vergo, and he didn't improve at all since then til WCI where he got on his knee from blocking judge's spear.

and now you trying to convince me that robin that didn't have any serious fight, improved her haki way more than sanji who's a main fighter.

i just can't accept that.
Sanji had his body exploded when Nami was inside it and didn't know how to use Haki, so it got fucked up before Vergo.

It's shown that he's in such a bad state that he feels a lot of pain from Nami just slaping him.

In WCI Sanji blocks the largest Genie Daifuku has ever made, while a smaller one could cleave through a whole fleet.

All characters are getting significant boosts for Onigashima. The Veteran level characters the Mid3 are fighting now would have been arc boss fights before Dressrosa, or opponents reserved for Zoro, Law, Sanji, Smoker etc.
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