Will ZKk Happen?

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Robin has a little flashback with Sabo, Koala and Hack.
- Robin uses a new technique called “Demonio Fleur” transforming her giant body into a black demon.
this probably Robin CoA training FB and woah!!

Robin going all out with that full giant body armament! also Oda making payments with Robin lacks of fights that we got these past years!:steef:


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And even if Shinobu can age Momo, I'd have no problems with it. Some devil fruits can do some absolutely broken things. One can send people through time, and another can make you immortal. This is nothing compared to those Devil Fruits.
The thing is, will it just make him older with his mentality right now? or will he age as if he had trained for all those years and learned haki and shit?

If she makes him older just so his dragon can be full form, that's fine by me, but if Momo just shows up knowing Haki this is gonna be so shit.
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