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Lol I don't care man, Enma/Wado, it doesn't matter.

But every context enma has been used in has been with cutting/harming Kaido, not actually killing him.
Of course, it matters.
Saying Wado kills Kaido is random; saying Enma kills Kaido fits Enma and Oden's goals and fits the fact that Oden's other sword is suggested to slay the other villain of the arc.
The attempt was made already and it didn't happen.
So what? Lol.
Luffy has attempted to defeat Kaido how many times by now?
Does it mean that he isn't going to defeat Kaido? No, of course not.
I'm just saying from a ideological standpoint, it's better if it's his primary blade which is related to Enma. Enma is not his primary blade.
It's better if the sword that is:
-currently at its peak narrative relevance
-was used by a legend for a long time and is waiting to fulfil his goal (of killing Kaido)
-and is suggested to turn black
turns black this arc, instead of randomly mentioning a sword that has only been brought up this arc to emphasise Enma...
Making Wado black instead of the sword that has been mentioned over and over this arc is stupid.
Robin having haki is hype and as a fan I would love that to be the case. However being objective as well it feels so outta place because there wasn’t any hint or buildup to this moment also the fact that she would go from having virtually no haki to using full body hardening(allegedly) is insane not because it’s hardening but due to the fact that haki post time skip lacks proper explanation especially hardening and it would be unclear if this is the basic application or an advanced one. Cuz going from having no haki to being able to use haki so proficiently in such a manner would make so sense from an objective standpoint.
Where the fuck did Robin learn Haki in a few weeks, when she didn't have it in PH/Dressrosa according to both Oda SBS and Manga?

These are all techniques she learned DURING THE TIMESKIP, so it's clearly not Haki.
SBS is not that canon, when it's come to story and Oda could change his mind
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Robin not having Hardening is the best solution (even if it´s shaky that she did not learn it through 2 years with Revos).

- Oda would need to contradict himself (SBS, Punk Hazard)
- Showing new techniques from timeskip underlines her smooth sailing so far
- Oda is not shitting on Sanji not knowing Hardening.
Nah all F6 know haki Oda is just an idiot and will have that confirmed in those trashy vivre cards along with their bounties similae to BM veterans
Still doesn't care. She should've fucking use it 6 years ago. Oda is a fucking retard. Can't wait to read the titles of the articles/videos calling Oda a GOD after this chapter. Lmao. Lame ass fuckers.
A reckless technique that vaguely "reduces lifespan" when 1) required to save his brother 2) required to save himself from dying from the poison is not the same as literally giving up your entire childhood to join in a fight that you are not needed in, is not the same thing.
Also Luffy doesn't mind being dangerously reckless himself, but he wouldn't want others to do so, especially 8 year old kids.
Sorry i don't want to see a Kid Momo be destroy by Kaido
I don´t think Oda ever specified Zoro only having those two. He only revealed the specialties of the Strawhats.
He was confirmed to have CoA and CoO no, Luffy all three, Sanji same just two, rest no one had at the time.

Maybe Robin unlocked it now to refine her training taught by Sabo or something. Have to wait and see for the panels. All I know is Sabo'a ryuu requires the use of CoA.
Hope Brook gets a fight, or else Jinbe kicked him out of the mid trio
For real. Everyone was going on about Jinbei kicking Sanji out of the monster trio, I'm more worried about my boy Brook. I think he's honestly been surpassed by nami at this point, maybe Chopper too. He needs a powerup so badly.
Ngl i'm not liking this adult Momo plot, we'll see how Oda uses it in the chapter- but if its just Shinobu helping momo without he himself actually getting any character development then i'm not gonna like it.

Cause unless your Buggy or Ussop, having this whole 'greatness' placed on you trope used for Momo's development just so he can get screentime to face kaido is not something i'm gonna like tbh.

We'll see when the chapter comes out what this whole Momo adult thing actually means.
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