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The Green Sniper
Just celebrated our Independence the day before yesterday. :crazwhat:
:crazwhat::crazwhat: it was my independence day aslo
Till 12th end , everything was fine , I was getting very good marks in mock tests. But then I got addicted and now i am here . Dropping this year, expecting under AIR 2000 next year as I have already completed my syllabus and now i just have to do practice and give mock tests.:josad::josad:
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The activities themselves don't make me feel depressed to be honest, like programming / accounting both are interesting to me.

But the moment i have to do it as a job to get paid, the "fun" parts of the job just completely vanish from sight in my mind. I feel like i'm being forced to do it, instead of doing it because i enjoy it.

And knowing that if i don't do those things i'm not "pulling my weight" in the world, or that i'm suposed to do it because everyone does it, completely fucking kills me.

That's why the basis / premise of a job is the thing that fucks my soul up, not the activity itself. I don't know if many can relate to that.

It's like an existential crisis around having to work, it's the stuff i have to do in work.
Guess why so many people kill themselves, trying to fit in a mold they don't belong in.

I think no one has to fit any f*cking mold at all. This system is dangerous and ends lives!
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