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Gorosei Informer

Sounds funny. Dude out there writing manga for 10yo kids while his wife is getting handled by cosplayer who cosplays a character from his show:kobeha:
"Sanji-kun, I need you!"

"I'm cooking I mean coming my sweet Mellorine!"

(Lmao I was meant to make him say cooking but it got autocorrected yo cooking, how ironic)

*Oda cries into his manuscript as he ironically got cucked IRL by his fictional Japanese Johnny Bravo- James Bond type character he created and now become his Wankensteins Monster who was the butt of his gags. As he projects his All Blue balled fury onto Sanji in the story to try to compensate and as him copium, Sanjis VA gets the last laugh and revenge as Oda wonders if his daughters are really is and for telling Sanjis VA that "Sanji will never be this cool again and putting Sanji through the most extreme humiliation conga line since the timeskip.*
Not open for further replies.