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Now we know king is admiral level. If he needed to use a named attack he used on Kizaru and now King and he still isnt in his hybrid form? Zoro boutta be admiral level after wano
Queen's lasers are so dangerous that it would one shot Marco this chapter if it wasn't for Sanji :kawak:
And it shoots consecutively like Kizaru's

Queen Admiral Level confirmed

:crazwhat: :crazwhat: :crazwhat: :crazwhat: :crazwhat: :crazwhat: :funky:
if Marco's too tired for commanders, there's no way he'll be able to fight a yonko lol
he will not be alone, Luffy and Yamato are there. Kaido and Marco need to meet. Marco to avenge his fellow member Oden
Marco not going to watch commanders and stars fight lool.

Why can't it simply be a reference to the tale; why must it follow the tale exactly when it hasn't done that with other references?
Especially when these spoilers (about Marco) and what Yamato said in recent chapters suggest that the Momotaro theory won't happen.
Marco need to meet Luffy at the Battlefield. you seriously think they will meet after the war?
Marco said he will protect Luffy.


To find the All Blue!
For someone who was preaching "wtf did you minks expect after invading BM's territory? I was defending myself", Perospero is very hypocrite after "blackmailing someone and trying to assassinate his family".
What did he expect?
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