Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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If Izo 16th commander fight kaido of course the first commander Marco. Popular Character like Marco will fight Kaido. He not come to Onigashima just for King lool
His role is over, he literally said it. marco can heal others but no one can heal marco like he does unless minks have some others elixir.

He was in hybrid form all this time, no wonder he stopped for few moment queen and king together. Hybrid Queen is also walking like nothing happened.

Hybrid >>> Zoan > Base.
Kaido is not losing in 15 mins. My guess is Luffy will use King Kong Gun and fail to use advanced CoC, and that will temporary knock Kaido out just for Onigashima to drop.

Then with awakening Kaido will come back and he'll have to use advanced CoC KKG to KO him.
Onigashima reaching the flower capital has nothing to do with Kaido's fall... The one dealing with Onigashima will be Momonosuke lol
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