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If Marco's stamina is a huge issue like this, then imagine his condition when he fought fresh Akainu,

Marco was cheap-shotted by Kizaru from behind and they left Marco bleeding for chapters with Kairoseki,

Marco was Kairoseki cuffed between chapter 570- to chapter 574

He was bleeding for 4 chapters,

Just how weakened Marco was against fresh Akainu? %50 less?

He even took a full powered flying punch from Garp, as if cheap-shottings with Kairoseki wasn't enough as well.

And people were saying Marco wasn't nerfed when he fought fresh Akainu. :goyea:
Sanji got slapped by Ling and Queen at first try, but Marco managed to hold his own against them long enough speaks volumes about the difference in strength between marko and sanji
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