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King of the Witch Kingdom

On the subject of Tobiroppo, I would wait to see the chapter before drawing conclusions about them. That part is curious.

Despite the map shows the position of the 5 defeated Tobiroppo, we only see 3 panels with Black Maria, Who's Who and Sasaki unconscious after their battles (Page One and Ulti haven't their own panels).
Poor @playa4321 @Paperchampion23 and anyone else who thought Who's Who and Sasaki might come back.:josad:
in this chapter

Sanji got throwed like a fucking fodder
Queen ignoring sanji in the whole time and he is with king & eliminating fodders lmaoo
Monster chopper > Sanji who couldnt even hold a YC4 Queen

there is lot of shits. King neg diffed rs sanji now king is zoros oppenent lol gap is fucking massive

what a great chapter :finally:
Not open for further replies.