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Zoro is Ryuma, Zoro should be using Shusui to carry the legacy of Wano, not Lolden will with Enma what a JOKE

Zoro and Shusui plotline nearly assassinated Zoro's character, his pride
His pride is in himself. These swords aren't crutches, that's what those other people argue
Marco calls King "Kaen".

Zoro used Hiryu Kaen.

Zoro will finish King with Hiryu Kaen most likely.

Oda loves these bullshit parallels.
Lol that's not a parallel
I like Killer more than Hawkins, but I got give props to Hawkins for not making it easy for anyone who faces him. How does he get these guys DNA? Makes me think, does he have Luffy and Zoro too?
Kidd was in jail long term and lost at the same time, only prudent to take such measures if they were using Kamazou as an agent.

What's the issue with Kaido one shotting G4 Luffy? The man wasn't using FS and Kaido showed tremendous speed and power which led to that happening.
Kaido has not shown speed or stats superior to Boundman outside of that one time.
Boundman OVERWHELMED Kaido completely once Luffy had ryuo to actually damage him.

Luffy not using FS in the first place was PIS anyway, and a bloodlusted Luffy not being able to grit through a hit at the beginning of an arc is major fake hype.
:seriously:How come everytime hawkin lose his dolls people say he’s losing that’s just his fight style .. we saw how once his dolls are gone he can protect himself

just like Marco gets hit and always tanks attack just his fight style
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