Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Marco: "I heard that long time ago,
a race of being that can create fire lived on top of the "red wall" (赤い壁).
King the Fire* could it be that...?"

*Marco doesn't use King's normal nickname (“King the Wildfire” - 火災のキング) becouse he changes the term “kasai” (火災) for the term “kaen” (火炎) which means “fire”.

King: "..."
For a sadistic pervert, King sure doesn't like to talk alot


The Rogue Prince
First of all , you wrote something about sanji to humilate. and ı wrote same thing. when zoro made something , he become suparman , when sanji made , just humiliations for no reason.
where did i humiliate sanji? i was talking about sanji fans and them wanking sanji as YC1. read the message that i quoted.

and zoro just hold hust one or two second not more than it.
secondly , your question is not even logic. You're just trying to be cunning. you know this scale does not exist in the OP. But even it is ,
how can we know whether or not yc commanders hold hakai ? no information does not mean what you said.
we have no information whether or not otama can hold hakkai. does not mean she can hold hakkai.

we have seen how yonkos and yc interact. kaido vs luffy act 1, big mom (olin) vs queen, big mom vs marco.
based on how those fights went and how zoro performed at rooftop, it is very logical to say that he has surpassed that power level.

shanks know advanced coc no need to tank any hakai attack . like last time luffy action , you can neutralize or dodge if you have advanced coc . not even try to put zoro and shanks same level.
so? this is two yonko's combined and a serious attack. even with adv CoC shanks is taking damage.


The Rogue Prince
Like I said in another comment I barely remembered it, don't blame me and my blury memory for toei's bullshit, it's not really my fault if they straight up gave sanji the ability to stretch his legs more than luffy because they can't animate legs properly
even though you wank sanji a lot more than the others, i appreciate the fact that you atleast wont stoop down to the level of lying like some people do and are willing to accept when you're wrong.
Zoro x King coc clash incoming:kata:
I think at this point every Yonko has a crewmate with CoC. Ben Blackman has probably CoC, he’s also a leader. In WB crew it was Ace, the one with the most potential in the future. Big Mom has Katakuri and Kaido probably King. I wouldn’t count Yamato because she’s not part of his crew.
Luffy has Zoro and regarding Teach I‘m unsure . Maybe it’s Shiryu or the secret 10th commander
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