Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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bruh when did i ever say sanji got neg diff'd by king? all i said is king over powered rs sanji in that clash.
He clearly didn't, he caught him off guard, based on how they exchanged kicks it's kind of obvious that it's more like king's physical strength>= sanji's, or the other way around depending on how he fought king and queen before being thrown away


The prophecy is about 9 shadows, Hawkins and apoo aside, there are 9 supernovas that aren't on kaido's side, 3 out of 9 of these supernovas aren't in wano

The strawhats, not counting luffy, are 9, so yeah the strawhats vs kaido is more likely than the supernovas vs kaido
The 9 shadows are the scabbards.
The one who will defeat kaido are the worst generation menbers the roof 5 and maybr hawkins apoo and drake may join later
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