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When was sanji KOd? He got up in an instant . No white eyes or shit like luffy after apoop
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Apoo did more damage to luffy and zoro than king and queen to Sanji :steef:
cant belive this amount of headcanons lol
he literally got KO when luffy saw the attack and he wake up with the same panel of Luffy + Zoro + Falled Numbers. lmao

As usual gap is fucking massive. King neg diffed RS sanji and KO by nonnamed attack. then queen barely match base sanji kick while king neg diffed RS sanji


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Doesn't that make Zoro the most useful character on the live floor even after fighting 2 Yonkos and saving the life of 4 SNs :crazwhat:Preach the greatness of Woro
Yep, with the senzu asspull drug offered to him by the Minks.
So that now he's at full power against "a mere YC1", as you guys kept saying during the rooftop
Best chapter ever

king greatness
Queen isn’t a push over
Ulti and Paypay might be back
Sooooort of hoping the thing with Ulti/P1 is them actually still being viable threats to Usopp/Nami for something decent.

Only thing that gets me though....if they get up, what actually is stopping the other 3 from getting up outside of Oda writing it that way? If Big Mom's attacks (incl Zeus) didn't, why would any of Jinbe, Franky and Robin's moves keep them down without more damage?


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But in fact they did, just few of them
and like sanji tanking them is a feat.
just like how you'd expect a university student to ace primary school exams, its expected that sanji tanks those easily.
how retarded could one be to state that as a "nerf"
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That happens if you can't use your haki to defend yourself because it's too strong for a Tobiroppo and it would have hurt her just with the knockback
that happens if he's stupid enough to throw away his life for every random woman and because he was playing bdsm with black maria when the supernova where battling yonkos.
yeah like he needs to go all out to kill an 8 year old kid with a kick.

interaction - 1: sanji stops a kick. no armament haki, nothing just a casual kick from king aimed at momo to kill the kid.
interaction - 2: you clearly see a visible sanji block a kick with armament streaks jetissoning out. sanji and king both used armament haki in this clash.

neither of them went all out in this clash. still king overpowered sanji with the way he was sent crashing.

the most hilarious thing ive ever heard.

sanji visibly bleeding.

taken from this panel -

guess luffy also is not bleeding from fighting and has a lot of dust on his face.

also bonus -

guess luffy had too much dust on his face kekw

it makes a lot of sense if you drop your headcanon about sarcasm and just realize that king's beak attack could actually hurt sanji.
and luffy saw the raidsuit in action in WCI. he obviously knows how tough they are and what katakuri, another YC1 did to the germa siblings.
King threw Shinobu like his life was depending on it, he doesn't hold back since he just wants to get shit done he doesn't care about having an honorable fight like Mihawk

Sanji wasn't overpowered, it's not like king's kicks made him flinch or sent him away

And the picture you sent it's clearly not blood, sanji in chapter 1015 clearly has blood on his face, here it just looks like a few scratches and some dirt, his neck and the other half of his face are completely fine

I never said sanji wouldn't have died, I just pointed out he wasn't begging for his life

Luffy doesn't know the overall durability of the Vinsmokes, plus why are you even trying to make sense to power scaling in op? At this point oda really said "fuck it I'm out" the power creep this arc has been ridiculous, kinemon being capable of cutting kaido

Sanji is now fighting an opponent portrayed as king's rival, sanji is now low 1st commander level, his clash against king doesn't show him being outmatched or overpowered


That happens if you can't use your haki to defend yourself because it's too strong for a Tobiroppo and it would have hurt her just with the knockback
There is the change it might hurt her, but those robin level punches are nothing.
Meanwhile zoro is over here taking twice the damage and soloing the stronger commander.
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