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This much is to be expect from someone with an IQ equal to the boiling point of helium . Zoro defeated more people in wano than sanji?? What the fuck kinna story have you being reading . Again I ain't surprised by trolls and clowns
PreTS Sanji 1v1 wins: Kurobi, Mr2, Jabra, Absalom
PostTS Sanji 1v1 wins : Page1 ?
Zoro Wano 1v1 wins: Hawkins, Killer, Apoo, Gyukimaru


The Rogue Prince
And the picture you sent it's clearly not blood, sanji in chapter 1015 clearly has blood on his face, here it just looks like a few scratches and some dirt, his neck and the other half of his face are completely fine
lol as if the raidsuit didnt protect him. no point arguing this if you're just gonna lie without providing proof and if you're gonna deflect.

Sanji wasn't overpowered, it's not like king's kicks made him flinch or sent him away
literally got kamikaze'd into a building but ok. he was clearly overpowered in that clash else this wouldnt have happened.

Luffy doesn't know the overall durability of the Vinsmokes, plus why are you even trying to make sense to power scaling in op? At this point oda really said "fuck it I'm out" the power creep this arc has been ridiculous, kinemon being capable of cutting kaido
luffy quite clearly saw the raidsuits in action at WCI.

powerscaling in OP is not as inconsistent as you make it seem. its fairly consistent for the most part. the only grey area are the hax abilities interactions and when oda decides to go for plot/narrative consistency over powerscaling consistency.
the scabbards were able to cut kaido, yes, but apart from luffy's adv CoC punches, zoro's ashura and maybe law's injection shot; all the other punishment that kaido took are literally meaningless since his superior regen makes up for them.

also im only providing arguments to counter the quite obvious sanji wank when you say sanji would beat king lol.
Maybe Awakening? :choppawhat:
Potentially. But then I'd be confused as to why 20/22 year old siblings know Awakening and not their 3 elders. That would be odd.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. From a logical standpoint, Black Maria, Sasaki and WsW should get up if Jack can recover from being destroyed by a Sulong army, and Ulti can recover from Yamato's bagua and Big Mom's laser. If this chapter suggests the siblings get up AGAIN, I am far less convinced the others are down.

But then again Oda could just chalk it up to writing which would suck imo lol
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