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The Rogue Prince
don't expect sanji is be able to just fly away when he is caught off guard mid air by a flying zoan, it's like expecting zoro or sanji to be able to do something against jimbei underwater, the fact that he was able to block king's attacks mid air is impressive, had it been an on ground battle sanji would've definitely had the advantage
doesnt he fly using the raidsuit? isnt that the same as king's flight ability?

And let's not pretend as if powerscaling hasn't been inconsistent

Zoro+kinemon+fujitora+an army of haki users as well as all the people in dresrosa weren't even able to push back the bird cage
did you even read my reply on powerscaling consistency?
powerscaling in OP is not as inconsistent as you make it seem. its fairly consistent for the most part. the only grey area are the hax abilities interactions and when oda decides to go for plot/narrative consistency over powerscaling consistency
the birdcage was quite clearly one among many instances of oda choosing plot over powerscaling.
that doesnt mean the powerscaling is inconsistent all over.
Thata horseshit since we know kaidos crew is predicated on a hierarchy of a power system. The stronger you are the higher the position.

And last time I checked in real life a king>> queen unless you are of the belief that that is their real names
Read again because I didn't give any scaling
The question isn't even if King is stronger than Queen but by how much ?
I have to respect Kid. His durability might actually be better than that of Luffy.
He tanked a Yonko punch to the face, tanked Apoos attack, freshest one out of the rooftop battle and now withstood Hawkins voodoo attacks that have canonically ko everyone.
To be fair we've only seen the effect of the vodoo dolls while those have been canonically attached only to fodder until now :milaugh:
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