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And tried to barbecued her in the following chapter but sure he ain't serious :milaugh:
yeah. exactly the same amount to nullify his ice attack. not more because his precious son will get hurt, roughly the same amount required to nullify his attack.

he was literally trying to kill the supernovas in their battle. here he is actively engaging in a dialogue with him.
if you dont acknowledge the obvious difference in mentality then idk what to say
So you don't even want people replying to you LMAOO. You're on a forum my guy.
no no that isn’t what I said, I am using YOUR logic. If you actually taken Your logic seriously and not be a hypocrite then you wouldn’t be relying to people you disagree with and you would have dropped worstgen. That is YOUR logic my guy. And here you are stil not understanding how hypercritical and stupid your comment is
marco spent his flames on saving the fodder (like literal thousands) from the ice oni virus. he was quite clearly nerfed.
and he still fought two yonko commanders at the same time and kept them at bay for like what 15 chapters now?
i'd say marco mid diffs queen and high diffs king in 1v1.

hence i wont say sanji ~ marco post wano yet.
maybe after 1 more arc idk.

also i quite clearly said that marco is the strongest YC we've seen in the story yet in my original post. benn beckman is probably above him in strength and i expect EoS to be at that same level.

when did i ever say otherwise?

I can see his regen lasting for a while longer, but on the offensive department it would take a lot of time as well for him to put down King and Queen.

We've seen some of his named moves against their base forms and he's only doing superficial damage like scratches that are childs play for the Ancient Zoans and don't even serve to inconvenience them going forward.

That's why i say it would take some degree of high difficulty to put either King or Queen down, those battles would last for a long time and Marco would have to outlast them and chip at them to have them defeated for good.

I think Zoro and Sanji will clearly surpass Marco's offensive output in Wano to defeat King and Queen rather fast, but Marco will make up with his broken recovery to remain ~ Sanji ( give or take either way small margin ) and not far bellow Zoro.


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kaido used his hybrid form against luffy, zoro and law but he didn't use adv coc until them hurt him. Yamato couldn't do that
luffy>zoro>law>hybrid yamato
Cap. Kaido used Adv CoC only on Luffy twice; Luffy got knocked out from the first one and blocked the second. He started fighting the Rooftop 5 in his fodder mode and only went hybrid near the tail end of the battle. He knew he had to go Hybrid for Yamato cos she has more firepower than Luffy, Zoro and Law collectively. This is a character that has been duking out with Kaido all her life while Luffy and co have been fighting the likes of Arlong, Hody, Caesar and Doflamingo
Hybrid Yamato > Base Yamato>> Rooftop 5:cheers:
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