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Okay, let's just drop that bs because it ain't going anywhere. I'm just curious as to why you still read and discuss OP even tho you hate it. And before you ask me something like, 'Why do you reply to my comment if you don't like it?', the above is exactly my reason. I'm just curious as to why you still read and discuss OP even tho you hate it. Again, I'm not forcing you at gunpoint to answer this.

So you will consider it as 'added content' instead of them just being able to analyze the scene better because they're professionals. Okay, then.
The anime are free to make changes to the manga. They gave Batman haki. We have never seen a gifter or even headliner use haki and he used blackened haki. Being a professional doesn't they don't make mistakes or everything they do great. Even Oda makes mistakes.
I mean when Marco was trying to fight them both he got choped in half by King and got bullet holes in his whole body from Queen :kayneshrug:

It's explicitely said that King and Queen both fought Base Sanji when they managed to push him back, and the outcome doesn't describe any notable damage being done to Sanji by their combo attack.

Sanji immediately bounced back from that to fighting Queen, which gave King an opening to attempt to go for Zoro.

So Sanji's never taken out of the fight by them, and this continues to be incredibly impressive since this is Base Sanji, which is not even his proper serious combat mode anymore now that he has the RS.
Sure and Kinemon is equal to Luffy since he fought Kaido too
The Wano Kuni arc is finally moving towards its climax as well!! I've been looking forwards to drawing Wano Kuni a lot, so I'm psyched! And once it's over, things are going to be grim. Sabo will...!! Vivi will...!! Hancock will...!! AAAAAAAA...!!!
Wait, isn't this about confirmation that we'll only see the outside world after Wano is over? :crazwhat:


Yeah I was really hoping for an ability like that, to play on her being a Wind specialist and all ofc. It sounds a little similar to Drow's Gust and definitely with the ability for a hero who is called Zephyr in Heroes of Newerth apparently, whose abilities I've seen replicated in an amazing custom game for Dota 2 too.

I wanted a new skill for her for ages tbh, so I am happy for that too! :finally:


Didn't help Icefrog added in Hoodwink too lol. I was so pissed off about that before .:kriwhat:


I mean speaking of wind too, I'm still waiting for a damn Wind devil fruit, when is it coming Oda! ? :goatasure:


Imagine a giant with a Wind logia, how NUTS would that be!? A super fast giant who can possibly become invisible and not even be hit, to be able to let anything pass through and have complete freedom of flight easily? All with the size/weight/strength of a giant too?! It would probably be so easy or a giant with a Wind Logia to become a literal hurricane too! But even then just anyone having a Wind Logia would be so good! Obviously someone very strong and competent ideally ofc like an Admiral? Maybe Green Bull might have it?

But I'm hoping the theories of Dragon having it are true or maybe someone on Shanks crew or at Elbaf or something? Maybe even CP0? Dragon seems like the most likely and makes the most sense and if he is connected to the sky islands, Shandians or so as some theories suggest too, that would be extremely fitting even more, especially as Enel was "Raijin" the Japanese Thunder God and Dragon could be "Fuujin" the Japanese Wind God! Ironically Orochi has 2 elite ninjas with these names and they turned out to be fodder and didn't show anything like this either! Sigh...

she is going to be even more annoying now:kriwhat:
Luffy between YC1 and top tier...closer to top tier than to YC1
Zoro between Yc1 and top tier
Marco Yc1
Law, Kidd, water Jinbei between Yc2 and Yc1
Land Jinbei, Killer Yc2
Sanji Yc3
This chapter could've straight been titled "sanji is low 1st commander level" and it would've still made sense, he was folding queen prior to this chapter , a combined attack from both king and queen wasn't enough to put him down and he went straight to kick queen in the face

Land jimbei is 3rd yonko commander at best
Killer can just cut Hawkins' arm since it wouldn't affect kid
I mean after that, After Killer wins and leaves Hawkins with his last real life.
I think that killing him is a real possibility, seen how Hawkins character is built, but it's something like 15% chances of happening.
A legitimate reason to spare him would only be possibile if Killer, smart as always, decides to use Hawkins as a weapon against Linlin.
Hawkins DF rotates around life, just like Linlin's rotates around soul...

@Pantheos what do you think?
idk dude.

i just dont see sanji being at the upper echelon of yc1 in this arc when his matchup is, imo, the strongest yc2 yet. lets just agree to disagree then.
I'm accounting for the fact that Sanji by now has already done a lot without break or time to recover

We have to remember that Sanji did not catch a break for this whole raid. He :

- Escorted Luffy through multiple floors one shoting Headliners left and right so that Luffy can save his stamina for his fight
- Let BM spam her strongest attacks on him without even using CoA to protect himself out of fear of harming her
- Kept on runing through Onigashima fighting the army of gifters until he caught Law and Zoro
- Bandaged up Zoro and then ran back down from the highest floors with him on his back, while protecting him from the army of gifters
- Saved Chopper and the Samurai from Queen and Perospero
- Fought Hybrid Queen in base for the full extent on Jimbe and Frankys fights while protecting Zoro and his medical squad
- Fought both Hybrid Queen and King for a period of time and Perospero still thought his assistance is required to try to put Sanji down
So i see Post Wano Sanji with accumulated experience/growth and at 100% above the Sanji that is now starting his fight with Queen.
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