Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Sanji got no diffed by K+Q in 10 seconds man ...

This fight need to be a 2v2 so Zoro can carry 90% of the weight

Queen would hurt Sanji real bad 1v1
Nah, King negged Cook twice while Lueen did not do shit.

Cook can handle Lueen just fine even if he has to go extreme diff somehow. It's King who is the bane of Cook's existence in the raid. Keep King away from Cook and Lueen is done for.
By that point though, I'd have to question why the fuck Oda would let P1 and Ulti get up multiple times, from BM attacks no less, while keeping down the other 3 from Strawhat moves.
Twist by Oda, everyone assumed they were the weakest due to their age (even before they were paired against the weaklings) but in fact Ulti and Page one > Who's Who, Sasaki and Black Maria :pagemoji:
Shanks top commanders>Luffy's top commanders>WB top Commanders=Kaidou's top commander>Big Mom tops commanders.

This proven how strong is Red hair pirates that even Teach and Sengoku retreat.

And was said to be to most balanced crew to having Beckman in the same range of caliber as Shanks!
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