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I didn't expect king and queen to be so durable, all this time they were just fodderising and ignoring anybody who ties to attack them, brushing aside attacks that can send admirals flying.
No wonder why jack was shitting himself in their presence.



The Rogue Prince
Wano is zoro’s arc got the same vibes as zoro wanting to round up wano before luffy came
luffy's the mc. zoro did much more in wano than what sanji did in "his arc" WCI.

he just a stoic boring character with no depth that we can see in any manga. the difference is he just happened to have more brainless fans than others
zoro is the epitome of striving by greatness and is innately driven to be the best swordsman (even before he met kuina). he was willing to die rather than stepping back on his dream during his fight against mihawk. he is the only strawhat along with luffy who's goals/dreams are being the very best and are that grand.

he is also the epitome of loyalty. there is no character in one piece as loyal as zoro.
the fact that he is willing to give up his life and grand dream for the sake of his captain, crew and luffy's dream at thriller bark and doesnt even ask for a bare minimum of recognition/gratitude from his captain is talked really less about. "nothing happened" has more depth in that one scene than the botched execution of WCI entirely.

but ofcourse you'd just call him a simple stoic boring character with no depth since you cant understand what zoro is about with your smoothed brain.
u better search of zorotards prediction then.
they said :
~zoro defeat all gifters
~zoro will fight kaido and not king
~zoro can one shotted king
~yamato will find zoro

…and many more. What an idiot
They said Zoro will fight Kaido, and he did. Literally only thing they've been wrong is saying Zoro will go back up rather than fighting King- which didn't happen; but it's fair nonetheless. Nothing huge.

Meanwhile look at this shit:

-Sanji is fighting King, Zoro fights Queen
-Zoro will not even see Kaido again
-Zoro will not do much on rooftop and Sanji fights King+Queen
-Okay Zoro's out after Hakai
-Okay Zoro is out for arc now.

Yeah, no. A lot of Zoro fans took an L this chapter for their prediction but don't act like they've not been literally right over everything so far lol.

Zoro low yonko:kobeha:
you might say Zoro YC1+ but low yonko:kobeha::kobeha::kobeha:

and franky YC3:kobeha::kobeha:
Low Yonko is such a shit term. Low top tier or borderline low top tier would be more fitting.

YC1+ is an understatement if he mid-diffs a YC1 in 15 minutes without even using Asura- which looks like the case so far but we'll see.
The Blackbeard pirates literally defeated their counterparts from the Whitebeard Pirates, then got a 10th Captain to balance out a lack of a Third Commander. By then they were probably above their WB/BM/Beast counterparts but below their Red Haired ones

After they get their OP Devil Fruits they will either be equal to the Red Haired Pirates or they will surpass them @ShinmenTakezo
Zoro haters are mad once again. They thought Zoro fighting King would make his rooftop feats irrelevant and put Zoro down a level. They though King was going to be weaker than Marco and Katakuri. Instead, King is stronger than both and receiving more hype. We don't even know everything about him.

Oda is doing the same thing with Zoro vs King that he has done with Zoro other battles. He is using Zoro to hype up his opponent who will then be used to hype up Zoro even more.
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