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It would have been way better if Oda had just gone with:

Luffy (with help) vs Kaido
Zoro vs King
Sanji vs Queen
Jinbe vs Jack
Franky vs Sasaki
Robin vs Black Maria
Brook vs Who’s Who
Nami vs Ulti
Usopp vs Page One
Chopper vs Perospero

Instead, Oda chose to “subvert expectations” by having Chopper only fight a non-serious Zoan Queen off-panel, Big Mom beat Page One for Usopp, and Brook be Robin’s janitor while Jinbe has an easy fight against WsW in which he was never actually threatened. Luckily, most of these still did happen or will happen, but I really hope that Oda isn’t just going to abandon Usopp, Brook, and Chopper for this arc. It still makes no sense for WsW to have the exact same eye tattoo as the Mary’s and not be connected to them. It makes no sense for P1 to have done literally nothing in this raid
Tbh, while yes, it would be nice to have all 10 crew members be major contributors to 1v1 fights, its not at all bad writing or really a bad move by oda.

He's made a point several times, and even through Luffy, that not everyone in his crew is strong enough to do everything. They do what they can to keep their captain victorious and alive, and vice versa for Luffy keeping his crew alive, and in that sense Oda has been extremely consistent when it comes to those themes.

So when you look back at the last 40 chapters of the raid, it's understandable why certain characters thus far have not had straight forward fights (Usopp vs Page 1/Nami vs Ulti) or lost said fights (Chopper and Queen, Usopp and Page 1/Ulti) and why that is fundamentally OK.

When you look at those that have been what we call "shafted" by the plot (Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Brook), you can see that most of these people have had nice big moments this arc this far that signify decent contribution to the plot/raid.

- Chopper and his medicine, him striking/holding off Queen before Sanji

- Brook cutting Zeus again, freeing Sanji, taking put Black Maria's weapon, defeating all of her fodder in 1 strike.

- Nami striking Ulti several times, getting Zeus back, and defeating Ulti in the end.

So now while some people might not "like" these portrayals, Oda has done at least something to show them properly fighting or contributing.

Usopp though.....needs something, and I am banking Oda saving something for him the coming chapters, whatever that may be. And that's just based on what we have at this time. The longer this raid goes, the more signficant chances we get of weaker strawhats doing signficant things, even those like Jinbe/Franky continuing to contribute


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
This when i disagree with u, Fuji and Greenbull vs Revos and Sabo, most likely the captains are Vet level, Sabo in YC2 to YC1+ and they was able to damage Fuji.

Now look Kid and Law boths around YC1 range, Kid can stall Sabo and Law defeat all Revos Captains.
first kid is more injured due killer attack and his fight agaisnt kaido while law is exhausted and sabo pre mera was near yc1 now he is yc1+ (at least)
Luffy protected zoro by punching kaido with his king hakis punch . Luffy then ask law to take zoro down or else zoro will die at rooftop.

so luffy already protected zoro
Do you actually believe what your saying.

Zoro protected luffy for 10 minutes
Protected him from big mom
Protected him from boro breath
Protected him from hakkai
And protected him lastly from kaido trying to crush his head.

Luffy was more concerned about killer than zoro.

Law was concerned about zoro more than luffy.
So y’all telling me that king is stronger than katakuri…the guy with -

1. Future sight (extreme proficiency at observation haki)
2. Conquerors haki
3. An awakened devil fruit
4. Incredible armament haki
5. Had a streak of being undefeated in the new world.
6. An outlier

y’all really saying king is stronger than THAT? I’ve seen enough

1300 > 1000
Luffy was doing the most work against Kaido while Zoro watched :kayneshrug: If Luffy didn't use all those G4 attacks Zoro would have died.

Ragnarok would have killed Zoro. Better for Luffy to have taken it.
Luffy gear 4 barrage didn't even damage kaido to the extent tatsumaki did.

Zoro would've deflected ragnarok back at kaido, and overpowered him in the process.

Ragnarok can't do shit to zoro, zoro was already on the ground and thunder bagua couldn't even put him to sleep.
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