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The problem with Chopper and Brook though is that their “moments” are no where near as cool or interesting as what the other SHs did.

Who actually cared about the Ice Oni Virus subplot? It came off as filler that we all knew wouldn’t actually pose a serious threat. Chopper then had a “fight” with Queen, but it was completely off screened, and it basically amounted to nothing, with Queen revealing that he was just fucking around.

Brook cutting Zeus against isn’t really cool or interesting since we already saw him do the same exact thing in WCI. Afterwards, Brook was basically nothing but Robin’s janitor, with him cleaning up the fodders while Robin fights the strong character. Everything that Brook as done in Wano is objectively inferior to what Franky and Robin did.

If Usopp wants to become a “brave warrior,” he needs to show that he can hold his own against strong melee fighters, and P1 would have been the perfect opportunity for him to do so
That's the point I'm making. Whats "cool" or "interesting" is highly subjective, but of course we all want full fights.

Maybe we still get them, but even if we don't, it's status quo for the series. Alabasta is the only arc where everyone in the crew fought villains. Every other arc has had people not fight. It only "feels" worse because the crew is bigger now, and arcs are longer. So it sucks when Usopp hasn't had a serious fight since Thriller Bark. But if Robin waited 800 chapters for hers, Usopp will get his eventually, especially Elbaf.

Not to mention you can clearly tell who his last fights will probably be (Van Augur/Yasopp), so it's fine.
Of course she could have it. I didn't bring it up because Black Maria only showed off 1 particular form. I figured she'd show off her full zoan or hybrid (tbh, I have zero idea what her form was, it wasn't a normal hybrid or full zoan that's for sure) if she got up again. That's it.

I said awakening for Who's Who and Sasaki specifically because they were the 2 singled out in trying to compete with calamities for their spots. The other 4 F6 members wanted nothing to do with that, so it made it seem like Oda was putting those 2 above the others.

Weird take to call me sexist bro, in a manga where author typically does not prioritize female combatants and feats.
I know oda treat the females fighting unless so I don't blame you for that I do it too lol
The Red Haired Pirates are above their counterparts due to lack of fodder though
They have a large crew too. Just like straw hats have their grand fleet, same will be the case with RHP.
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Zoro fought Kaido and is fighting King now

He bodied the gifters
Yeah and he's about to defeat the Kaido level Orochi too
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