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I don't think Marco can beat king and queen in 1v1

he started out hybrid and used his strongest attack full on since begining but base king and queen just tanked it easily and have no damage

he lacking attack power to put them away

also how come queen was fighting this whole time against marco/sanji but queen isn't tired?

Marco has shit stamina

It's clearly King>>Queen>>>>Larco
I mean, i don't think Marco looked impressive onscreen, what he did on 1006 was pretty meaningless and everything else got offscreened (meaning it's most likely meaningless too).

It's too hard to say whats happening seriously, suddenly this is happening there, messy as hell
Cut to the “Live Floor”. King and Queen (this one in hybrid form) are annihilating the entire floor together. They are attacking all Gifters that betrayed them. The area is on fire, King is grabbing the head of a 4-armed Gifter while his hand burns. Marco has reached his limit so he can't stop them anymore. Sanji tried to fight both of them too, but he was thrown away.
What multitasking? What has marco healing a bunch of people have to do anything with power level? It is never stated it consumes high levels of stamina or anything lmfao you are reaching
Actually the flames work by using the person who is healing stamina to help heal themselves. This was stated when he was healing the samurai with the plague virus. So if his flames that is used on them requires their stamina in order for it to work for the. Then common sense dictates that it is the same for marco
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