Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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people are literally making shit up that never happened now,they might as well say whitebeard was in the live floor because there's no panels of that either :kobeha:
When the fight started some people said King and Queen will need Perospero to beat Marco :milaugh: then they started the damage control when they saw Perospero attacking Chopper and Queen was playing with Chopper for more than 20 minutes
"that was base/zoan Marco not hybrid" :chirstsad:


Oda's accuser
Are you reading my post ? Did you see any power scaling comparison ? What is or are your problem ? Oda is writing one piece. And he gave same title same importance zoro and sanji . And you said biased bullshit . Just think . I m not making up something from my ass. I said what oda wrote on manga.

I dont even discuss detail rooftop analysis with you.
Why are your sentences so rich of entropy each time? :choppawhat:
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