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People thinking Marco has fs lol
Oda would mention or highlight him as fs user in the manga or databooks if he had it.
Everything about Marco is his df

This is another bs "Marco has CoC or adcoa"

Stop giving people fs
If he had fs , he wouldn't be choked easily by Linlin.
We saw how luffy was dodging Linlin pre fs and after fs easily. Yet fs user Marco can't? Lol
So something interesting. When they go through all the current fights, only Killer vs Hawkins and Law/Kid vs Big Mom are specified as announced vs matches on the title cards.

For Neko, Sanji and Zoro, it makes sense we didn't see this because they all "arrived" to those fights only this chapter. Next time Oda goes back to those scenes, you may see those title cards.

So what's weird is that Raizo vs Fukurokuju is not mentioned this way at all. And we have to wait and see how Apoo/Drake and Inu/Jack are addressed, possibly next chapter. But does this mean something else is supposed to fight Fukurokuju?

Anyway, this may confirm Killer/Hawkins and Law/Kid vs BM are permanent fights.
Look at the position of King and Queen, did King knock out Marco and Queen Sanji? So it wasn't even 2v1?
Sanji is literally saying its hard to deal with both at once

and marco it says he is exhausted from healing everyone

so Sanji was vs 2 at once and MArco was busy healing

Marco = knocked out cold
Sanji = knocked down on his back talking
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