Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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See how fast the Mummy virus spread. He could always use other guns.
And guns are slow is my point

See I had a theory of how Queen would fight with plagues that I’m hoping still happens or else he ain’t shit

Why not infect himself? Like he infects other people by shooting them but guns are too slow and he himself is slow as fuck

So why doesn’t he take advantage of being a slow and big target by making himself the source of infection. He infects himself and the person he is fighting makes contact with him somehow and he infects them.

Then he takes the antidotes for his virus and done. Or maybe he doesn’t even take the antidote and he just has both he and his opponent fight while infected and when his opponent dies, that’s when he takes the antidote

some shit like that… An actual interesting way of giving Queen a chance fighting Sanji at least… coz the man is doing very badly so far
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