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well his regen might be good imo
The way I see YC1s is like this:

Katakuri: he’s hax cuz of future sigh and awakening
Marco: he’s had cuz of his regen
Beckman: he’s hax cuz he has one of the highest iqs in the series (highest in east blue at least, which is larger than earth)
King: no hax, he’s just really fucking strong

I kinda like the idea of King not needing hax and just being YC1 level cuz of raw power
You don't have to be a genius to figure out what she meant, more so after this chapter. Unless you just want to stay in denial because of your agenda. Oda even literally called them the wings in an SBS. Hell, even most Zoro stans now agree to it now, lol.
Yeah because saying that someone fits the roles of someone's wing means that they are just 1 wing.
This man just said that Kuzan (an admiral) isnt admiral level.

Are you really this slow? If the logic is that because Marco didn't make Kuzan bleed in one exchange, and is therefore not admiral level, then Kuzan who took 10 days to take off a piece of ear and burn Akainu a bit isn't admiral level either. Take some comprehension classes
Kuzan took 10 days to do something no Yoncuck commander will ever be able to do in their entire lifetime? I mean sure.
Took 10 days to take a bit of ear and burn him a bit? lmao so impressive. Beckman likely kills Akainu 1v1 if he is as close to Shanks as the vivre card suggests.
You're the retard for thinking Marco is just going to watch them spam attacks. Obviously he is going to be attacking and kicking them with haki attacks. I swear casuals like you who know nothing about combat are the worst. By your logic Ace or Enel could just spam attacks at Marco and he would die eventually. Obviously he would sit there. My god you're dumb as a rock.
Didn’t Marco literally just eat Akainu and Kizaru’s attacks when he was fighting them?
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